Five Reasons You Should Travel


1.) Learning experience.

Heading out into the world is a great way to experience new things and learn.  Travel and pick up bits of other languages, customs and of course, FOOD! If you have ever wanted to learn a foreign language, nothing compares to the experience of total immersion.

2.) Have stories to share.

No matter where you end up, from the B & B outside of the city, to an around-the-world voyage, you will always bring back a story to share. Whether it be sweet, funny, sentimental or caring. Build character while having a ball.

3.) Appreciate your own culture.

After a month of gloomy weather in London and people not understanding the line concept in France, you can bet I was happy to be back home in sunny Southern Cali!

4.) Meet New People.

It could be the person you sit next to on the plane, or the tour guide in your next vacation spot, but you are bound to meet people of different cultures and walks of life when you travel. Not only do you notice the differences in people, but how we are all alike.

5.) The Price is Right.

With the economy still sort of sketchy, deals and steals for travel are abound! Flights and hotels that used to cost an arm and a leg are now going for a fraction of the cost.

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