Travel Guest Post: Visiting Healthy New York City

Living in NYC almost like a dream come true, great people, great parties, great clothes, great shoes, great manicures, great pizza, great restaurants… But it’s not exactly the place where you think you can find healthy food. Here is an alternative to all fast food restaurants: salad bars! No need to break the bank to watch your figure in NYC.

What exactly is a salad bar?

A salad bar is one of the easiest ways to catch up on your greens or have the exact portion of vegetables you need daily. Usually it is a buffet where you can make you very own salad; choose the dressing you like and the exact quantity of each component.  Most of them have the same regular components which are lettuce or similar, and many raw sliced vegetables, croutons, etc. Some salad bars are more creative and feature other cold meats (ham, chicken, bacon); eggs, cold pasta, beans, etc. And if you think veggies won’t do for you, they usually sell soups, yogurts and fresh fruits and pastries.

This concept was introduced over 60 years ago in Illinois, in Springfield. It started developing in the 60s with the creation of many salad bar restaurants. What we know as the all-you-can-eat veggie buffet was in fact featured in Chicago by Rich Melman’s restaurant with over 40 different items.

How does that work?

There are different types of salad bar, some of them let you put whatever you want in your salad, some of them let you take as  much as you want as many times as you wish, and some charge by weight. I think it really depends if you want, either enjoy your veggies on the go or sit down and enjoy a healthy meal hanging out with friends.

Where to go?

I love NYC because it is a city where you can do pretty much everything. And there is nothing like a big bowl of veggies after a long day of shopping or a crazy night in the Big Apple. There are many great places to go to depending on the neighborhood you’re at.

Here are four great places to find good salad bar at different prices.

The Deli on Madison

420 Madison Ave, New York 10017

This is a small place that can compete with any other great restaurant on Madison. They offer more than the regular sandwiches you can find in a deli. They have a cozy and comfy room upstairs where you can sit and enjoy the food they prepare daily.

The Amish Market

731 9th Ave, New York 10019

This is more than a market, apart from all the different fresh products they sell, they have amazing salads, sandwiches and hot dishes. For $6,99 you can get a pound of whatever you like. This is the perfect place to come for a quick lunch or just grab a bite and maybe bring some of their delicious products home with you.


410 Ave of the Americas, New York, 10011-8416

This is one of the best organic markets you can find in NYC.  They serve amazing vegan and vegetarian hot or cold meals. Coffees, power drinks, smoothies and fruit juices are also vegan and organic, same for their muffins, cookies, cakes and pies. This is the ultimate health food store.

The City Bakery

3 West 18th St, New York 10011

Now this is the kind of upscale salad bar NYC has to offer. This is the place where you will avoid long lines and find something light, simple and good in Union Square. Not only do they have a large variety of salads, but also hot dishes including fish, pasta, etc. They also serve great sweet treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth, which is where it got its name from. This multi floors venue is the ultimate salad bar in this busy district.

Salad Bars have become my favorite places to eat in any country; NYC has some of the best I’ve tried. Convenient, cheap and welcoming, these are the perfect alternative to the regular quick bite you usually grab, but with more vitamins.

About the Author: Lisa is an avid traveler and blogger for who provides vacation rentals in New York City.


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