Travel Guest Post: How to Take a Luxurious Medical Tourism Trip

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To help alleviate stresses of surgery, consider taking a luxurious medical tourism trip. Certain countries cater to medical tourists and the hotel accommodations provided will pamper the travelling patient. To help coordinate your trip, you will need to obtain a medical tourism facilitator; they will handle all the details.

However, as the patient, you should obtain any essential information from your personal physician. Also, as with any planned surgery, you should make sure that the facilities are accredited. Since the facility you choose will be in a foreign country make sure they are accredited by either the Joint Commission International (JCI) or the International Society for Quality in Healthcare.

Once you have determined that the facility meets the accreditation, you should plan your trip. Lay your worries aside and plan on a relaxing trip. It is a welcoming prospect that the cost of your trip, including the airfare, luxurious hotel accommodations, sightseeing and the surgery, should cost less than the very same surgery in your home country. If planning a medical tourism trip you should consider one of the following countries:


India has many accredited facilities to meet your healthcare needs. They are renowned around the world for their open heart surgeries and hip and knee replacements. But, they are not limited to only those specialties. In terms of sightseeing, what more can you ask for than a land that is the setting of the Taj Mahal, a lasting legacy of love? You’ve seen the pictures, and if you choose to have your surgery in India, you could actually visit it yourself.

Or, if you would prefer to spend your time in nature, India has beautiful beaches, and majestic mountains. Also, if your life is hectic, why not completely spend your time being pampered at the many spas. Some even offer Ayurveda and Naturopathic medicine to complement the modern healthcare you seek.


Mexico has at least eight hospitals internationally certified for healthcare. Many travel from the USA for cheaper medical treatment, taking advantage of some of the newer hospitals that are among the best in the world. Mexico offers medical tourists a temperate climate to enjoy their myriad of beaches, or the opportunity to surf for the more adventurous. You could travel to Acapulco and observe the cliff divers. Or, if you prefer you could travel to Cabo san Lucas and try Marlin fishing.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers the medical tourism at least three accredited hospitals, including Hospital CIMA. Travellers come from the USA and Canada to take advantage of quality medical care at a lower price. Common treatments include general and cosmetic dentistry, orthopaedic surgery and fertility treatments. The average temperature is 72 degrees, so it offers the perfect weather to peer into a volcano’s crater. Or, you could visit one of the many beaches.


They are world renowned for their cosmetic surgeries, but also offer cardiac surgery and weight loss surgery for the medical tourist. You are recommended to visit only their private hospitals for treatment. There are therapeutic hot springs to visit. You could visit the dunes and waterfalls. For the adventurous, travel the Amazon and fish for Piranha. If you prefer a party, plan your medical tourism trip to coincide with Carnivale.


They have over ten facilities that are accredited and the number of medical tourists visiting the area has been increasing since 2000. They also offer programs that specialise in Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease. Some of their popular treatments include bariatric surgery, eye surgery and dental procedures. In the modern city of Bangkok you can enjoy the underground subway, or the elevated sky train. Or, enjoy a trip back in time and travel the canals. However, try to avoid the Monsoon season.

Richard is a freelance writer who shares his knowledge about health, cosmetic dentistry and travelling abroad for dental tourism.

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  • truetells September 26, 2011 2:51 am

    India is climate suitable and cheap in fees structure for medical treatment.Other countries are costly in this regard.Indian Doctors are Efficient now and gathered fame in surgery.

  • CostaRica Closeup (@costaricaclosup) September 29, 2011 11:49 am

    Costa Rica’s popularity as a medical tourism destination is indeed increasing with modern techniques, surgical and post operative care facilities, available at moderate cost.

    Cheers, Tee

    Tee is Senior Editor of digital magazine about Costa Rica

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