Travel Guest Post: 5 Reasons to Consider Alaska Cruises

When most people look for cruise deals, they often think of warm weather and sunny beaches. Some of the most popular cruise destinations are tropical islands or Florida coastlines. If you’re looking at cruises though, you might want to give Alaska a chance, and here are some reasons why:

  1. They offer everything – With an Alaskan cruise you get beautiful scenery, fun excursions, history, culture, shopping, and more. Another advantages is that the port options are usually very convenient for planes and travelling – especially if you already speak English.
  2. Most major cruise lines offer it – You can take your pick of cruise lines. Whether you want Carnival cruises, Princess, Disney or some other line, chances are that they offer an Alaskan cruise. You won’t be pigeonholed into choosing a cruise line that isn’t for you, and more and more cruise lines are adding Alaska to their itineraries.
  3. You don’t have to pay to see wildlife – Though you can pay for additional excursions that will take you to see an eagle preserve or whales, you will most likely be able to see wildlife right from the Lido deck. The captain will usually alert you when there are whales nearby, and Alaska is home to many fascinating breeds like bald eagles, moose, seals and more.
  4. Alaska offers several unique excursions – Rather than laying out on a beach, consider getting active with hiking or kayaking in Alaska. Most other cruise itineraries won’t offer these unique tour opportunities, and in Alaska, you can go ice-trekking, dog sledding or view bears and glaciers. These excursions are fun for the whole family, and the kids will love panning for gold.
  5. The glaciers won’t be there for long – Global warming is only one of the environmental changes that is diminishing glaciers. Each year, the glaciers recede a little more, so make sure you see them while they are still something to behold. Right now you can see endangered animals like sea lions, otters and whales, but you never know when your next chance will be.

Alaska has a lot to offer the cruise enthusiast, and while it might not have warm beaches, it has a beauty all of its own. If you are looking for something extraordinary, then go out of your way to seek the unusual. You will have a unique vacation experience to tell everyone at home, and you will always have your memories of the cruise to look back on.

About the Author

Kevin W. has been working in the traveling industry for years helping people with Carnival cruises. He enjoys going on vacations with his family to exotic locations around the world.

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