Travel Guest Post: A Taste of Fijian Luxury

Typically when traveling, luxury is associated with marble floors, gold fixtures, Corinthian pillars, deep, rich colors, and trimmings and trappings of that sort.  A trip to Fiji’s Royal Davui resort, however, might inspire you to change your definition of luxury altogether.

Fiji is a tight group of over 332 lush tropical islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean, off the southeast coast of Australia.  Even before the British and Dutch explored and claimed Fiji’s many islands in the 17th and 18th centuries, Fiji was culturally diverse, having been originally settled by a mix of Melanesian and Polynesian peoples, giving the island a distinct and culturally rich society.  Fiji remained a possession and dependent of the British Crown until October 10, 1970, all the while fusing English, Pacific Island, and Indian culture (over 60,000 indentured laborers were transported to Fiji by the British in the 1880s).

The Fijian islands offer stunning beach vistas, tropical vegetation, a summery climate, and many more natural wonders, but what will strike you most profoundly about Fiji is its people.  They are warm, welcoming, familial, and some of the most hospitable on the planet.

Of Fiji’s many resorts, the Royal Davui best represents this dedication to total hospitality.  The Royal Davui is located on an island to the south of the main island, and has no neighbors or competitors.  The entire island is dedicated to one resort.  This means that the views looking out over the emerald waters, the voyages into the lush forest preserves, the breathtaking snorkeling trips over coral bombies where you can spot thousands of species of beautiful marine creatures, the sand island picnics — all of it is private, open, and there exclusively for you.

Here you will find incredible rooms, as you would expect from a luxury resort — each room (there are only 16 total) has its own plunge pool, for example — and all the amenities you could possibly want.  (Except TV — this is an island resort, after all, with an emphasis on escape.  Who needs TV when you have an entire island, almost completely to yourself?)

As gorgeous as the island and its many accommodations are, it is the staff that will impress you most and spur you to rethink your idea of luxury.

Everything about the resort experience is designed to give you privacy and comfort, and the staff work tirelessly and cheerfully to make sure that your stay is perfect.  The Royal Davui’s philosophy is that luxury is less about the materials used to construct a room, and more about the people who help build an experience.

99% of the Royal Davui’s staff come from villages of Beqa, the neighboring island, and treat guests as though they were part of the village.  From complimentary room service to full service master chefs that will prepare almost anything at your request, this island resort is serious about service.

In addition to being accommodating, the resort is also sensitive to the delicate ecosystem in which it is situated, and takes great care to be responsible in its operation.  They use fresh produce from the island, fresh fish from the sea, sustainable products, a tertiary water filtration system, and recycle as much waste as possible, carefully and responsibly handling any that they can’t.

If you want a true luxury travel experience, head to the Royal Davui resort in Fiji and see what it’s like to be treated like royalty in the South Pacific. If you dream of working somewhere like Fiji, accredited online colleges have info on travel and tourism industry courses.


This is a guest post by Eliza Morgan who is a full time blogger.  She specializes in writing about business credit cards. You can reach her at: elizamorgan856 at gmail dot com.

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