Travel Guest Post: Fashion Tips for the World Traveler

According to the US Travel Association, domestic and international leisure travelers spend about $526 billion in the US each year! That’s a lot of money to spend on travel, and even though Americans – and many people worldwide – are cutting back a bit on leisure travel these days, we’re still going places. Whether you’re jetsetting to the Italian coast or heading across the country to hang out with some family, you want to look good while you’re traveling. It’s especially important to look great when traveling internationally, since many European countries, particularly, are known for being less casual and better dressed than Americans.

Taking these fashion tips for your next trip around the country or around the world will help you look less touristy. Plus, you’ll look better in all those photos you bring home!

  • Base your packing on several classic, neutral pieces that all go together. Mix and match is the key here! When you can create several outfits out of just a few tops and skirts or pants, your bags will be lighter. Plus, neutral colors like white, black, and beiges will help you blend in with the locals and not stand out like a tourist, which can have many advantages – including getting you better prices at some local markets. Black is a particularly good color for travel clothes, as well, because it doesn’t show wrinkles as much!
  • Invest in some jeans that fit well. Jeans don’t need an iron, go with everything, and are fashionable around the world – as long as they fit. Your jeans don’t need to be particularly trendy, but they should fit your body type well and look great with any tops you decide to bring.
  • Avoid shorts and even short skirts. In most other countries around the world, adults don’t wear shorts for every day wear. Plus, in some very traditional countries women, particularly, in shorts or short skirts may not be looked at askance. In some instances, they may even be denied admittance to certain religious buildings of cultural significance that have modesty laws.
  • Get comfortable shoes that look good with everything. You won’t want to be wearing heels or uncomfortable dress shoes when you’re trekking around on a sightseeing excursion, but you also shouldn’t wear gym shoes, either. Comfortable ballet style flats for women and loafers for men look nice with anything and are also easy on the feet.
  • Think in layers. One of the reasons it’s so important to have many pieces in your suitcase that all go together color-wise is that you’ll want to dress in layers. Look up what type of weather you can expect for your destination during the time of year you’re traveling, and then prepare for weather that is a few degrees cooler and warmer than that. Always take along a sweater or cardigan that goes with all your outfits, just in case.
  • Rely on your accessories. You may think that packing all neutral colors will simply be boring, especially if you’re used to wearing bright or flashy pieces. However, you can dress up your outfits with accessories. Appropriate accessories like scarves, belts, and jewelry don’t take up much room in your suitcases, and they can make your neutral outfits appropriate for many situations.
  • Pick the right travel bag. Of course, you’ll have all your main gear in your suitcases, but you’ll also want some sort of bag for when you’re out sightseeing. Avoid fanny packs at all costs, and opt for a more stylish option, like a long-handled purse or a messenger bag. The key is to choose a bag with a strap that goes across your body, so that it won’t easily be stolen. And, of course, you should always be extra careful of where you place important documents like your passport or traveler’s checks!
  • Shop in the off-season. Some companies in particular make really great travel clothes that are wrinkle-resistant and generally easy to care for on the road. While these clothes are more expensive, you can save a bundle on them at end of season sales. If you’re a credit card user, Ashyia Hill from CreditDonkey says, consider buying your new travel clothes with a travel credit card so you can earn points toward your next trip. Some include promotional sign up deals.

These fashion tips for world travelers will help you blend in with the locals and look nice from the moment you step off the plane.

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