Travel Guest Post: Top 5 Reasons to Visit the UK


  1. The landscape

The British landscape offers spectacular scenery and is therefore definitely the number one reason of why to visit the UK. There are some places in the UK that are worthwhile visiting such as Richmond Park in South West London. The park was originally established by Charles I in 1637 and it was known to be a hunting area. You get a medieval feel when you walk through the park and it is usually crowded with locals and visitors during the summer months. Another place to visit is the Lake District in North West England which is also a very popular holiday destination for the British themselves. The views are spectacular and the lake has been voted as Britain’s “favourite view”.

  1. Shopping

There are many cities in Britain where you can shop until you drop, as they might say it. According to the Telegraph, the best cities to shop in are Bath, Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol, Brighton and Manchester. The retail outlets in the UK offer a variety of clothes that may range from very cheap to very expensive. My favourite shop is Primark as you can buy lots for little money. I would recommend you visiting Primark as well for the experience because it is usually packed with people who are out for bargains.


  1. Music

There are many artists that are from the UK who became very popular. To name a couple of them, The Beatles, the Spice Girls, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. In Britain, the majority of youth listens to punk, garage and other sorts of underground music. If you’d like to get a taste of the music life in Britain, try visiting some pubs and bars that have live music on the weekends. I guarantee that you will have a good time.

  1. British sense of humour

The British sense of humour is probably one of the most recognised humours out there. The theory goes that Britain has more humour over other nations and that it is consistently funnier too. With British humour, word play is of huge importance as well as general nonsense. Others might call it black humour because the British are known to find humoristic characteristics in any situation, no matter how grim the situation actually is. If you’d like to see or hear the British sense of humour yourselves, then I would suggest to go to a pub and to listen to the conversations that are held there, better yet, converse with the locals, I’m sure you will get a good laugh out of it.

  1. Heritage

The Heritage in Britain has a significant influence on other countries, for example, the British Legal System can be found in many other countries.  Besides that, the language, as you know, is the second biggest language in the world (Important to mention here is that the Americans certainly helped as well). The British heritage can be found mostly throughout the UK. There are many castles, old houses, battlefields, monuments and gardens to visit. Personally, the most impressive piece of heritage in Britain is the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. It is almost 500 years old and is breath-taking when you walk inside the chapel.

Author: This is a guest post written by Susanna Cha on behalf of Pearson PTE, writing about travel, tier 4 student visa and English tests.

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