Travel Guest Post: Easter in Sorrento, Italy

In the Campania region, truly exceptional processions are held during Easter. This is a once in a lifetime experience from both a religious and cultural standpoint. Sorrento offers the most beautiful processions that more than often can touch the heart and soul of every visitor. If you are looking for a different place to spend Easter, Sorrento is definitely the perfect destination for you.

Sorrento is the stage of two different processions. The first procession was the “Addolorata procession” and occurs in the early hours of Friday, just before dawn arrives. All those who take part in this procession are hooded and dressed entirely in white. The Addolorata procession is a representation of the wandering Virgin Mary along the streets in search of the of her son Jesus.

The second procession is the procession of the dead Christ that takes place during the evening of Good Friday. Those who take part are again masked but dressed all in black in mourning. Choirs and music accompanies the procession, making it even more attractive.

If you also want to enjoy these really outstanding shows, among the oldest religious events of our country, choose a hotel with a sea view in Sorrento so you can also enjoy all the beauty that the area can offer you. With a hotel overlooking the sea in fact you can also have the chance to see exceptional and truly outstanding views that will never leave your heart. Sorrento hotels offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Easter in the best way possible and discover all the secrets of one of the most beautiful areas of Italy offering a wide range of services, suitable for transforming an ordinary couple of nights stay into an experience rich in culture and relax, a magical experience truly unforgettable.

Author: Teresa D’Esposito

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