Travel Guest Post: 5 Unusual Places to Visit in the UK

The majority of people who visit the United Kingdom stick to the major attractions in and around London, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there are certainly a fair few treats in store for tourists who decide to roam around the country and get a taste of the rest of Britain.

These five places may be unusual but they offer great days out nonetheless!

The Evacuated Village of Imber

ewen and donabel, on Flickr”>The MOD plays soldiers on the plain

Visiting the small village of Imber, near Salisbury, is like stepping back into Second World War Britain. The village was requisitioned by the British military in December 1943 as part of the escalating war effort and the 161 inhabitants were never allowed to return.

Today the village has been left as an abandoned Second World War military training ground. Visitors to Imber will see overgrown fields, rusting tanks and signs warning of the dangers of shrapnel and bombs that might not have exploded.

If you do want to visit Imber check the dates first, as it only opens to the public on a few certain days each year.

The Falkirk Wheel

barker, on Flickr”>WHAT THE................

If visiting Imber is like going back and time then a trip to the Falkirk Wheel is a step into the future. Admittedly it’s a future where canals are still used, but the wheel is certainly a marvellous piece of modern engineering.

The Wheel is essentially a rotating boat lift designed to connect the Union Canal with the Forth and Clyde Canal. The height difference between them is 24 metres, so it’s certainly an achievement.

The visitors centre at the Falkirk Wheel offers visitors the chance to ride the wheel, which is an experience not to be missed if you choose to visit.

Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker

Rickards, on Flickr”>DSC04351

From the outside Kelvedon hatch looks like a traditional bungalow, but the house is actually the entrance to a secret nuclear bunker. Although, the fact it’s now a tourist attraction means it’s hardly secret anymore!

At one point it was the deepest Cold War nuclear bunker in Britain was a base for more than 600 military and government officials to organise the survival of the British people.

Thankfully it never had to be used and it was decommissioned in 1992 and is now open to the public.

Brimham Rocks

Locke1, on Flickr”>brimham rocks

If you’re a fan of natural phenomenon then a visit to Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire is well worth it. They may not be the most famous rocks in the United Kingdom but they are certainly up there with the most unusual.

This balancing rock formation was formed by nothing more than natural erosion so the fact it hasn’t toppled over is quite startling. Visitors to Brimham Rocks also like to try and spot animal shapes in the rock. I’m told that with a little imagination you can see a turtle a monster and a bear having a dance which sounds pretty cool.

The Gnome Reserve

What’s the best way to enhance a four-acre area of natural woodland, scenic meadows and beautiful gardens? Decorate with over 1,000 gnomes of course.

The Gnome Reserve in North Devon may be an unusual day out but it’s certainly great fun for all the family. Any type of gnome or pixie you can think of is likely to have found a home there. You’ll see a few dancing in the trees, some cycling round the paths and of course the classic gnome sat on the bank with a fishing rod.

When you arrive they’ll even kit you out with all the necessary gear to turn yourself into a human gnome! It’s definitely one of the strangest days out you’re ever likely to have.

Author Bio: When he’s not travelling round the UK looking for new places to visit Mike H writes for Find Me A Gift, the online unusual gifts┬áspecialists.

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