Travel Guest Post: Traveling the World by Rail

If you are looking to travel the world, then you might wonder exactly how you are going to do so. Many people choose to save up for a few years and buy a round the world plane ticket whilst others grab their backpack and don’t look back. However, these are not the only two options when it comes to travelling the world and perhaps one of the most overlooked forms of travel is by rail. There are some absolutely stunning railway journeys in the world and we think that travelling the world by rail is a great way to see some stunning sights.

Perhaps one of the best reasons to travel the world by train is that you are able to relax a lot more. Sure, you can relax if you travel the world by plane too, but there is no stunning scenery out of the window when you travel by plane. There are some absolutely breathtaking rail journeys in the world including the journey from Oslo to Bergin on the Bergin Line and the Orient Express. In fact, there are a huge amount train journeys that allow you to look out of the window and see some of the best scenery that you will ever have the opportunity to see. The fact that these railway journeys are so spectacular is probably enough of a reason to consider travelling the world by rail.

Another great reason to travel by rail however is that it is often a lot less costly than many other forms of transport. For example, the journey from Oslo to Bergin on the Bergin line costs from just £33 one way. Compare this with the cost of almost any airline ticket to anywhere in the world and you will already start to see why travelling by rail is the best way. As well as this, if you’re scared of flying, travelling by rail is definitely a great alternative.

If you needed any more of a reason to travel the world by rail, then consider the fact that travelling by train will actually allow you to split up your journey a lot more than if you travelled in any other way. You will be able to take a railway journey for a couple of hours, explore the area and then jump on another train and head to another nearby city. As well as this, travelling by rail also means that you don’t always have to have the exact route you’re going to take already mapped out. You could choose to pick a destination at random and jump on the next available train. There is great freedom when it comes to travelling by rail.

Author: Ben Adams is a railway enthusiast and owner of Model Railway Layouts; a website dedicated to helping people build fantastic model railway layouts. 

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