Travel Guest Post: Extreme Activities in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for the shopping trips, the fashion, the art, the museums, Gaudi, soccer, lying on the beach and enjoying the sun. All these things are everything but extreme. If you like to do extreme activities, you can do this in Barcelona. There are many things you can do. You just have to know what. I will list a few things you can do in Barcelona.

Jet ski
When you like water and you like speed, this is something you should do. You can go with a guide, but you can also go by yourself on the ocean. It depends per country and per jet ski, but most of the time you can just rent a jet ski. Sometimes you need a license, but not for the ´normal´ jetski’s. When you are 16 years or older you can rent one. You have to be careful though because it can be dangerous when the sea is rough.

Speed boat
The speed boat is a bit the same as the jet ski. You’re of course not on a jet ski but on a boat with other people. There is a captain who drives the boat. You can see some things along the coast. There is no time to relax on the boat, but when you like extreme this is a good alternative instead of sailing .

If you don´t know what a quad is, this is a scooter on four wheels. These things are meant to go off-road. You shouldn´t wear good clothes because you can get very dirty. If you want to spend a day away from the city this is the perfect opportunity.

Bungee jumping
This is probably the most extreme this you can do. You shouldn´t be scared of heights if you are planning to do this. First you get a short instruction, after that you will be led up to a 65m crane. When you are up you have to jump. I don´t know if there is something that lets your heart beats faster.

To do this you have to be a real adventurer. When you compare this to bungee jumping, 65 meters is not high at all. When you want to go skydiving you have to go in a plane. When you are on 12000 feet you will jump out of the airplane and make a free fall. You jump not alone, there is someone on your back to help you. After a few minutes the parachute will go open and you will land softly on the ground.

Plane/ helicopter ride
There are different options to see something of Barcelona. You can sightsee the city by bus, you can walk, rent a scooter, but there is also another possibility. You can go with a helicopter or a small plane. You will be able to get a beautiful view over Barcelona. Especially when the sun go down this is very beautiful.

If you like the water this is a very nice activity. If you know how to snowboard this will be easier for you than for others. When you go on the ocean an instructor will explain you how to do this. It is a very nice sport and I would definitely recommend it to you.

You can do this indoor and outdoor. This depends on the weather. A kart is a very small car wish is low on the ground. These things go really fast. You can have a lot of fun. Mostly you will race with 6 or 8 people, but this also depends on the size of the track.

This is a sport you can play individual or with a team. You will have a sort of gun, which has a sort of paint. You have to try not get hit by these capsules. You can also play this indoor and outdoor. There is no real time limit to this game. It is very fun to do.

Author: This article was written by Silvie, a travel writer and blogger for, providers of Barcelona accommodation and vacation apartments Barcelona.



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