Travel Guest Post: LuxeFoods in Tuscany

Known and appreciated throughout the world, Tuscan food is simple and natural, made of few ingredients that, skilfully combined together, give life to unique and delicious dishes.

To have the key role is the Tuscan bread, salt-free and strictly prepared with different flavours and shapes. Together with other tasty ingredients, it becomes the basis for many recipes.

Among the starters typical of Tuscan cuisine is the bread, especially the homemade, that gives life to many appetizers like Panzanella, where the bread is combined with tomatoes, onion, basil and cucumber, or fettunta, where the bread is flavoured with oil of olive oil, fresh pressed oils, garlic, pepper and salt. Do not forget, then, the crostini dei butteri, the crostini di beccaccia, the crostini di Pitigliano and the crostoni di cavolo nero, all made with bread, accompanied from time to time, with other typical and special ingredients. Tuscany, and particularly the city of Prato, is the home of the tasty and crisp Cantucci.

To taste, especially in Florence, is the schiacciata with grapes and rags, fried dough covered with powdered sugar. In Pistoia, however, the famous bertoli are, tasty apple slices dried in the sun while the sweet typical of Lucca is the Buccellato, mixed with water, flour, yeast, sugar, aniseed and raisins. Among the sweet typical of the Maremma are reported, however, the Birilli, donuts with honey, and the sospiri, made from sugar and mounted egg white.

In mountain villages the neccis, made with chestnut flour are to be tested and a special cake made of puff pastry flavoured with aniseed, a true delight the palate. Siena, finally, is the home of Gingerbread. Tuscany is waiting to give you a nice stay during every period of the year. Choose from luxury resorts and interesting packages. If what you are looking for is accommodation in Tuscany villas for your vacation, or independent apartments in Italy for rent for short periods, you will find a lot of possibilities that will give you the opportunity to live a unique experience of hospitality.


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