Travel Guest Post: Villa Holiday Rentals

Many of us look forward to our holiday all year, and when we get there we want to be able to relax, unwind and enjoy our time away, which is why more and more people are choosing villa holidays.

Hotels can be fantastic, but many feel they lack personality and can create a sense of detachment from holidays in Spainthe culture and beauty of the chosen destination. Villa holidays offer a fabulous sense of freedom; you don’t have to be tied down to set meal times, or mix with a group of strangers, plus you can immerse yourself in the local culture.

Hiring a villa is often the most affordable and stress-free way of taking a holiday, especially when considering Florida holidays and other far-flung destinations. Sharing your accommodation with a group of friends or extended family can be a great way of spreading the cost of your holiday, plus you have the option of self-catering and can therefore also split the food bills. It’s also much easier to have your own kitchen when looking after the fussy eating habits of babies and toddlers.

Villa holidays are also great for families because of the freedom and space you’ll be able to enjoy; who wants to be stuck in a tiny family room with the neighbours complaining about the baby crying or the toddler’s tantrums when you can have a whole villa to relax in, and a private pool area to enjoy?

The choice of destinations when it comes to villa holidays is also extensive with holidays in Spain rating high on holiday-home rental popularity lists. Spanish destinations such as the Costa del Sol, Andalucía and the Balearic Islands offer plenty of choice and you’ll find everything from modern villas to more traditional homes with a rustic vibe.

It’s worth doing your research when looking for a villa. Make sure the accommodation fits your requirements; if you want a villa with exclusive use of a pool make sure you choose the appropriate type, and check the distances from the beach and local resort amenities if this is an important factor.

Most people choose to hire a car when renting a villa as it allows even more freedom. Without being tied to a hotel’s meal and entertainment schedule, you can head to the local supermarket each morning to stock up on delicious local produce, pack a picnic and head off into the Spanish countryside for a day of sightseeing and adventure.

But it’s not just Spain that offers great villa locations. There are destinations throughout the world where you can find a luxury home away from home. Many people forget villas are the perfect solution for Florida holidays.

For families with older children, groups of friends, and couples, holiday villas in Florida may be the answer to your holiday prayers and as with everything in America, you’ll find the accommodation here sleek, modern and well equipped. Air-conditioning comes as standard in most Florida villas and you can choose to stay in Orlando if you want to visit parks such as Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Studios, or the Gulf Coast if you’re looking for a more chilled-out break.

Again, the convenience of self-catering will appeal to families with two or more children, especially those who want to head to the theme parks as the expense of eating out can often put a strain on the wallet. Make a packed lunch in the morning, put the contents in a cool-bag and take it with you to the parks, most have picnic areas and spaces where you can eat your own food so it’s an easy and affordable alternative to dining out.

Villa holidays to Florida are also becoming increasingly popular with groups of friends who can enjoy a relaxed holiday experience together, cooking in the evenings and sharing a bottle of wine by the pool as the sun sets; it’s the ideal solution for those looking for a more up-market birthday, hen or stag celebration.

Villas provide that home away from home feeling, albeit a home with more sunshine and better views, and so you can all relax and enjoy your time away. So next time you’re considering a holiday abroad, think outside the box and think of villa holidays.

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