Travel Guest Post: Guide to Beautiful Brazil

If you plan to travel to one of South America’s most amazing countries, you would do well to learn as much as you can about the gorgeous country that is Brazil. The truest and most well-known fact of Brazil is that the people are all fun, warm, and giving.

You will find that the country is populated with some of the most breathtaking natural scenes you could hope to find. The beauty begins in the Amazon jungles and spreads out to the gorgeous Salvadoran white sand and crystal blue beaches, but the beauty really lies in the entire country. If you want to know more Brazil facts and info about the country where you will be awestruck every moment of the day, here are some things you need to know in order to prepare yourself and your family for the amazing experience that will be:

Brazil Facts: A Mild Paradise?

Brazil is a giant country that covers 8.5 million square kilometers, with the coast of the country running 700 kilometers along the sea. The country is divided into 5 climate regions, which allows you to relax and enjoy yourself in the beautiful and varied country any time of the year.

The country is primarily tropical, and the crystal waters, palm trees, and white sand beaches are some of the most popular in the world. The friendly people are a joy to be around, and you will find that unhappiness is far away as you enjoy the gorgeous climate of the country all year around.

If you are planning to hit the country during the summer in the Northern Hemisphere, you may want to consider Salvador. Those wanting the Brazilian winter months would do well to think of Santa Catarina, and you can always find the perfect paradise destination with a bit of forethought.

Facts of Brazil: Mountains and Sands

You can’t learn Brazil facts without discovering that the country’s land is varied. You will find mountains that slope down to gorgeous beaches, highlands and flat lands where you can spend hours hiking, and more land than you could visit in a lifetime. You can learn facts of Brazil easily, and you may find that you get hooked on the country and thus will be unable to leave.


  • Salvador – The gorgeous sand beaches of Itapúa and Piatã have become popular destinations, particularly for families.
  • Iguazu Falls – Foz de Iguazu are more than 250 breathtaking cascades that set against the gorgeous background of the Amazon jungle.
  • Manaus – For those interested in exploring the vast Amazon, enter the portal of Manaus to begin your journey.
  • Pantanal – Eco-tourists will love the wetlands of Pantanal, with spectacular sand dunes, gorgeous lagoons, and virgin land.
  • Fernando do Noronha – For those wanting to try the scuba diving experiences Brazil offers, Fernando do Noronha is the place to go.

One of the most important facts of Brazil has to do with the amazing festival held there every year: Carnival. That’s right, this is the world’s most colorful celebration, and people from around the globe stop in to experience the rich culture of Brazil at Carnival time. The festival spans the entire city of Rio de Janeiro, and it will overwhelm your senses and dazzle your mind. Few people who read Brazil facts remember that Brazilians are very spiritually oriented people, and tourists flock to the country to learn from the many native healers who offer their services.

You can find something in Brazil, no matter who you are, so continue reading more about everything the amazing country can give you when you visit!

Author: This is a guest post by M.S. Rochell, who writes about Brazil Culture, and all aspects of life in this gorgeous country and people. You can follow on


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