Travel Guest Post: Driving Expeditions in Europe

Driving expeditions make for some of the best holidays. They are very good for strengthening relationships and for families with children the bonding experience provided is often unparalleled. Very often the only difficulty faced on these expeditions is picking a destination that will offer a joyous experience for everyone involved.

Whilst African safaris and South American rainforests are the most popular destinations driving expeditions, one region is often overlooked as holidaymakers appear oblivious to the many exotic sights and journeys that can be had. The region in question is Europe and many would be surprised to know that some of the best driving roads in the world are in this region.  A journey through Europe promises to be a spectacular experience for even the most experienced of travellers. Whether you enjoy driving under snow-capped mountain ranges or you enjoy looking out at the ocean while driving along the coast in the sunshine, Europe offers it all!

Below are a few of the many breath-taking driving routes that Europe has to offer;

  • The Swiss Alps. There are a few outstanding mountain ranges to drive through including the San Bernadino pass which is about 2065 metres above sea level and offers beautiful scenic roads with a lot of challenging twists and turns. During the summer there is also a chance to drive through the Oberalp Pass which is also high in the Swiss Alps. The road is closed during the winter period as it is used as a ski slope amongst other things!
  • The French Riviera.  Historical coastal towns are the jewel of the Riviera and there are coastal roads running right the way thru allowing you to enjoy all the beauty of the ocean as you drive along. Many world-famous stop off destinations including Monte Carlo and the Cote d Azur where one can re-enact many a famous movie scene!! You may even catch a glimpse of a celebrity or twenty!!
  • Transylvania, Romania. Mention Transylvania and people will be most reminded of Dracula and the thoughts of vampires and bats but little is known of the beautiful Faragas mountain range which can be driven through on the Transfagarasan route. The route offers the best of both worlds as the north side is vast and snowy whereas on the south side the climate is much warmer and the views are of lush green vegetation. On the route travellers can also go to Poienari Fortress which was the home of ‘Vlad III the Impaler’, who was thought to be the inspiration for the Dracula movie character.

There are many more destinations around Europe other than the ones listed and with a little research you can find one that is perfect for your holiday adventure. This is great news for holidaymakers from the U.K as Europe is literally on the doorstep, so U.K holidaymakers could use their own cars by organising European Car Breakdown Cover.  This will lower travelling costs and leave more funds to spend throughout the adventure!

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