Beauty Guest Post: 5 Ways to Pamper Yourself Before a Holiday

If you’re planning on going somewhere exotic this summer why not give yourself a makeover before you leave. The last thing you want is to feel self-conscious on the beach, so put some time aside to make yourself feel glamorous. From booking a course of Botox, to hitting the gym there’s a whole range of ways you can revamp your appearance. You really don’t want to be deleting holiday snaps off Facebook, so start your pampering procedures early.

Here are 5 pre-vacation beauty tips:

1.       Hair removal

Ladies! Before jet-setting to the island of your dreams, it’s important to make sure you skin is hair-free and smooth. There really is no excuse for hairy legs on the beach, so make sure you take the time to wax, shave or pluck out the hairs. It’s up to you which method you choose; just make sure you are ready to pull on strappy top and a pair of shorts. Men, you can always wax your backs but make sure you do a test strip first so that you don’t come out in a rash.

2.       Exfoliation

Hot weather means fewer clothes, so it’s essential that your skin is in tip-top condition. The best way to achieve a healthy glow is to exfoliate, as this will improve your circulation and remove dead skin cells. All you need to do is buy some exfoliating shower gel or try a course of IPL Laser. This non-surgical treatment works to rejuvenate the top layer of your skin and can help with everything from acne scars to wrinkles.

3.       Fake tan

There really is nothing more embarrassing than being the pastiest person on the beach, so why not book a fake tan? Popping into a professional salon will reduce the risk of ugly brown streaks and you’ll look a million dollars in no time. Fly off to your luxury resort with some colour in your cheeks and feel confident by the poolside from day one.

4.       Get a hair cut

The hot weather can make your hair grow like wild-fire, so why not get a pre-holiday hair cut? A new hairdo will increase your confidence and you’ll look stunning in all the holiday photographs. The sun can dry out your locks, so take the opportunity to ask your hairdresser about decent conditioners. Stock up on necessary beauty products and be prepared for the hot weather.

5.       Exercise

If you’ve recently booked a winter break, you might want to consider exercising on a regular basis. While baggy jumpers hide a number of sins in the UK, you’ll not want to be wearing layers if it’s 40 degrees. Simply put aside a few hours a week to go to the gym and you’ll look and feel a lot better before you know it. If you’ve only got a few weeks before you fly you can’t expect a total body transformation but at least you would have made the effort.

Preparing for your holiday is part of the fun, so start making a list of the things you need to do and look fabulous for your vacation.

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