Travel Guest Post: Choose Luxury Travel

Luxury travel is not all about pretention. There are actually some practical benefits to luxury travel that many people often do not consider. Safety, stress-reduction and comfort are three reasons why luxury travel is popular with the youth of today. By selecting luxury travel, not only will you impress your friends, but you will also help to sustain and prolong your life. Let us consider how luxury travel can help us in our pursuit to life-long happiness and vitality.

1. Safer-
Believe it or not, safety is important to good health. When people are afraid for their lives, stress levels rise and the body emits hormones that make it more difficult to fight free-radicals and other disease-causing agents. With continuous higher levels of stress, people can become sick. An unsafe environment does not make for a good vacation. Most luxury hotels are, by design, in the most exclusive and safest neighborhoods. Even if the neighborhood is not the safest, the security ensures that the unsafe people do not enter the hotel. Vacations are meant for relaxation and not to add extra worry about theft, rape, robbery or other undesirable occurrences. Luxury travel is preferred and recommended for safe traveling.

2. Ergonomically-Friendlier-
Luxury travel also is ergonomically friendlier. Have you ever sat in an office chair for eight hours and stood up with more aches and pains than you had before sitting down? That is poor ergonomics. An ergonomically friendly chair will relieve the stresses on the body, and you will wake up feeling refreshed. Luxury hotels typically have ergonomically friendly mattresses, chairs and desks. Budget hotels typically cut corners in these categories. At a luxury hotel, your body will feel refreshed after sleeping on an ergonomically friendly mattress. A budget hotel is simply designed to have shelter over a person’s head. The mattresses and chairs are typically not ergonomically friendly. This allows the hotel to offer lower prices and save money. The same is true of bus travel or plane travel. The seats are cheaper in business-class than first-class for a reason. The quality of the seating is more ergonomically friendlier in first-class, and people are paying to relieve stress from their bodies. No one really wants to ride for two or more hours in uncomfortable seating. Luxury is truly what we all need for relief, but some of us cannot afford.

3. Stress Reduction-
A vacation is meant for relaxation and comfort. If you feel worse after your vacation, then it was for naught. People who travel often often get sick because the accommodations are not as clean or as comfortable as the signs purport. Luxury accommodations typically make sure that when your black light is turned on to check for germs, you probably will not find any. If you do find some germs, the hotel is probably not deserving of its four or five star rating, and you should complain. If you are really seeking a vacation and an escape, luxury travel is the only way to go. Any other choice is probably not a true vacation. Give your body the rest and relaxation it needs and travel in luxury.

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