Beauty Guest Post: Beauty and Makeup Tips for Travel

You should be prepared for travel with the right beauty products. However, you do need to watch for the restrictions and rules that can come with bringing items with you for travel purposes. There are several things that need to be done here.

  1. Don’t pack too heavily.

You should not pack too many things. You need to consider the following for your makeup items when traveling:

  • Use travel-size beauty products that are small enough for a few days and are safe to bring into an airport.
  • Don’t bring more than what you need. Consider how long you’ll be out for.
  • Focus on items that are used to cleanse your skin and moisturize it. These are the main basics that you need above all else.
  1. Prepare your trip with the local weather in mind.

Have you ever been unprepared for the weather in a spot you’ve traveled to? The weather in the area that you are traveling in could be rough in some cases. You need to consider what the conditions are where you are traveling and then pack the right materials based on that weather.

    • Moisturizers are a necessity for cold weather areas.
    • Sunscreen can be useful for hot areas.
    • Insect repellant should be used in a hot area as well.
  1. Be careful with lip products.

You should avoid using long-lasting lip products when traveling. A lip stain and gloss is better for travel. It won’t dry your lips out like some long-lasting items could.

  1. Blotting towels have to be used.

It’s easier to get your skin to look better quickly if you have plenty of blotting towels. These towels are used to absorb excess oils on your skin. They can help you look better later in the day.

  1. Eye makeup isn’t always necessary.

You could consider skipping your eye makeup if needed. Eyelash and mascara treatments may not be needed because they could move around quickly when you are active while traveling.

  1. Always use the same cleanser.

You need to use the same cleanser that you normally use when you are traveling. Your skin can become used to a cleanser after a while. Switching cleansers might hurt your skin because it can impact your skin’s acids. This could keep your skin from feeling comfortable.

  1. Avoid using bright nail polish.

You really do not need to bring nail polish with you when you are traveling. It’s better to use a sheer color and to buff your nails as needed. This could help you out with keeping your nails looking great without risking the problems that come with your nails chipping or cracking while traveling.

  1. Hand sanitizer is critical.

You have to bring plenty of hand sanitizer with you if you are going to be safe. It could help protect you from dealing with the risks that come with colds and other medical conditions that you might pick up from foreign bacteria in a spot you are in.

Have a great trip and remember to bring the right things with you. You don’t have to deal with too much of a hassle to stay beautiful when traveling.

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  • Aja Levis September 24, 2012 11:47 am

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