Beauty Guest Post: Beauty Tips for Adventurous Girls

Going travelling can be a fascinating and beautiful adventure where you’ll discover a rich variety of cultures, cuisines and colourful characters that will no doubt fright and excite in equal measures.

If you’re an adventurous type, and the thought of spending more than a week in just one location sends a shiver down your spine, then the chances are that you’re going to be living out of a backpack and wearing clothes that are designed less for fashion and more for survival.

The same can probably be said for your beauty regime too and, from feeling like your hair’s been brushed with a pork chop to considering a bindi as make-up, packing a gigantic cleansing and application kit is simply not an option.

After spending a fair few months in Southeast Asia and having travelled on boats, busses and elephants, I’d like to impart some beauty tips that I picked up along the way. I can’t promise you’re going to look as glamorous as Katy Perry on her wedding day or Beyoncé at Glastonbury however, give them a go because there’s no better pick me up when you’ve just trekked through the jungle than realising that you’re still looking good even though you’re wearing khaki.


I cannot reiterate the M word strongly enough. First thing in the morning, last thing at night and once or twice throughout the day. When travelling your body will sweat and naturally dehydrate in the sunshine and once it’s dried out it will start to flake and crack – I’m not trying to scare you, this is a fact!

Cleansing wipes

Handy little things for cleaning: hands, face and pits, after a long journey, after you use the toilet and before you have something to eat. Easy to secrete in a bag or pocket and just as easy to use when you’re not sure where your next bathroom break is coming from. Hand gels are really effective too but nothing beats a good face scrub than a cleansing wipe.

Lip balms

As mentioned, if you’re in a sunny country then things tend to dry out, fast. Carrying a pot of Vaseline not only helps you to alleviate any nasty chaffing whilst on a long hike but is also perfect as an industrial strength lip-balm too. Granted, it may not taste like cherry Chap Stick but it will certainly fend off any unsightly cracks and salt-induced blisters.

Nail care

If you love your nails then do the right thing and cut them short and don’t varnish them. Manicuring with a file and buffer is all you need to keep your digits in check and from being hygienic to lessening the chance of breakages, you know it makes sense in the long term.

Eye drops

There are plenty of eye drops on the market these days as well as loads of organic remedies if you have the time or the vegetables. After a long flight or bus journey simply apply a drop to each eye and you’ll instantly look refreshed and ready to go. If you’re interested, tea bags and cucumbers applied for fifteen minutes do an awesome rejuvenating job.


Plenty of big shampoo, conditioner and body-wash brands produce miniatures that enable you to get safely through customs without so much as a frisking. These tiny travelling companions are ideal for stowing away on long journeys and using throughout your adventure holiday. Just make sure you use your minis wisely as they won’t last for ever.

Sun tan cream

It sounds obvious but there’s nothing more tempting than wanting to tan almost as soon as the plane wheels hit the tarmac. Use a reasonable factor of 20+ and make sure you reapply if staying in the sun for long periods of time. The key is patience because the slower you allow a tan to develop, say over the course of a gap year, then the longer it will stay on your beautiful brown body when you return home.

Head gear

Travelling for long distances can often leave you feeling tired, exhausted and in need of refreshment and the same goes for your hair. Before you’re setting off on your journey make sure you find the time to wash your hair and use a leave-in conditioner to limit the amount of damage. If you don’t have the time then head scarves, hats and pony tails will come in handy to cover up the damage.

Stay hydrated

As mentioned, moisturising is key and unfortunately, caffeine and alcohol will dehydrate your skin just as quickly as the midday sun. Drinking in moderation can not only save your skin but it will save you liver too and also allow you to see more of the wonderful sights as opposed to the uncomfortable mattress in your hostel room. Lecture over!


When you’re sleeping your body is recovering so getting a few hours each night is essential for maintaining a healthy glow. A few cheeky night-time assistants will also help the process of rejuvenation and cotton gloves, ear plugs and eye masks are all essential gear to keep your hands soft and your sweet dreams uninterrupted.

Author: Chris has visited many countries in Southeast Asia and came back to the UK looking absolutely gorgeous. 

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