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Sorrento Italy
Sorrento Italy (Photo credit: billandcathy)
 If you are passionate about food and wine tourism, in Sorrento you will discover the treasures of the local gastronomic tradition. The green citrus trees, flowering terraces and the characteristics of the blue sea, will take you on a journey of flavours and fragrances.
Do not miss the taste of our local products, our DOP extra virgin olive oil made from a selection of olive varieties typical of the Sorrento Peninsula, limoncello, typical liquor extracted from our own lemons, jams, local tomatoes and walnuts.
Staying in one of the many 4 star hotels in Sorrento you can delight your palate, dining in one of the many restaurants in the centre, like all the culinary tourism destinations in fact Sorrento offers traditional local dishes, taste exquisite dishes, fruit of the imagination and cooking oestrus of our chef.
Among the most popular dishes from our kitchen scialatielli seafood, gnocchi and ravioli of Sorrento and the excellent fresh fish, star of frying fish, octopus casserole, salt and pepper shrimp and parmesan fish.
Of course you’ll also find pizza, delicious and tasty all over the Bay of Naples, with pizza makers who are interpreters of the great tradition.
Among the desserts offered the traditional lemon delight, a soft layer of sponge cake filled and covered with lemon cream, sour and cream pie, Caprese, the baba with limoncello and Aubergine chocolate, a dish typical of Campania Region, a very special dish based on eggplant, almonds and dark chocolate, which was originally invented by monks and is usually prepared during the holidays, especially in mid-August.
If you choose a spring holiday, staying in an apartment in Sorrento, you’ll also be able to experience the sweet typical of our Easter tradition, the Casatiello of which every family preserves always a very personal recipe and Pastiera, an ancient sweet that hardly lacks on the tables of the Neapolitans, made of short pastry filled with cream cheese and rice.
In summer you will be involved from the many colours ranging from entertainment and themed festivals organized by the locals where you can enjoy delicious pasta dishes and homemade desserts.
On the feast of Sant’ Anna in Marina Grande of Sorrento, there is the Festival of the Sea, with a menu based on locally caught fish.
During the period of mid-August you will be spoiled for choice: in the hills of Sorrento the Feast of Our Lady of Casarlano is held with festivals devoted to eggplant and zucchini with sausage and the classic feast of Assunta, the Feast of the Melon in Piano di Sorrento, in Mortora.
Organizing a food and wine tour means identifying one or more reasons that motivate the visit to the itinerary, you need to trace the route of the tour according to your preferences: food plays an important role, becoming the medium of a territory, a culture and values ??related to land and roots.
The wine tours in our country are as many as are the resorts and the many possible combinations that can connect them, you just have to choose and enjoy the huge wealth of local products that Sorrento has to offer.
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