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Florence has been a very famous and desired destination for Europeans and travelers from across the world throughout the centuries. A seat of power, wealth and art, the very birthplace of the Renaissance movement it has transferred its glorious past well into today’s world of tourism. This was the home of the Medici, the famous patrons of the arts who sponsored and helped out the great artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci who walked the streets of the ancient city and mingled with the artistic crowds and nobility here. Other amazing artists like Michelangelo and Boticelli and Leonardo’s teacher Verrocchio also brought fame and fortune to this amazing city in Tuscany.

Because of the city’s illustrious past and deep ties to various forms of art it is still a center of culture and a place where many artists enjoy spending their time following the tradition and following the footsteps of the Renaissance men like Leonardo. There are a number of gorgeous attractions one should visit although the one that is most-known is the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo. It has been a center of the catholic church for centuries and its extraordinary architecture and detail are known throughout the world as an example of one of the most impressive and breathtaking projects ever made during the Renaissance. It has been included in many types of modern media from movies to books and it is one of the most important places to see while in Florence. If you make your way down the river Arno you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy the local museums, though one place you should not miss no matter what is the Galleria degli Uffizi, which offers a great many examples of the best of Renaissance art. The building was built by order of the Medici family during the 16th century to house their collections, so its traditional value is very strong.        You can also find a chapel devoted to the Medicci family which also serves as their mausoleum close by in the church of San Lorenzo.

Another place you should visit if you are interested in the life of Leonardo da Vinci is the museum devoted to the great inventor at 66 Via dei Servi where you’ll have a chance to see his art and reproductions of his machines and schematics. Its open throughout the year at € 7,00 per ticket.

Another wonderful museum worth visiting is the Museo Galileo, as it is known now was the Museum of the History of Science, which holds many examples of scientific instruments among which those used by Galileo himself. Today it also serves as a center of science and technology with its specialized library and restoration efforts.

The local Florentine cuisine and especially the Chianti wine are well-known all around the world, so staying here has the added benefit of dining exclusively with amazing Italian cuisine and one of the best red wines all around. The local meals have lots of meat and are known for their great taste and wholesome bread.

Florence is also one of the fashion capitals of the world with a long history of textile production, so don’t miss the opportunity to look around and do some shopping for great clothes and accessories!

There are a number of five-star hotels in the city which offer wonderful accommodation to travelers with high-end services and restaurants which cater to many tastes in a typical Italian fashion. You will have various opportunities to dine and enjoy the ancient city.

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