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With Christmas looming in the distance, do you have a particularly difficult friend to buy for? One that travels so much that signing them up for Air Miles has crossed your mind? Don’t fret! With our guide to gifts for the most discerning explorer, finding the perfect present for those with an incurable case of wanderlust will be easier than ever!

Perfect Packing

The first thing that springs to mind when thinking about travel is luggage. As a veteran traveler, the chances are that your friend already has a suitcase, but who would say no to a luggage upgrade (travel pun intended)? You might want to consider a carry-on item. Our favourites include the Mulberry Piccadilly leather weekend bag. This classic design is beautiful but also sturdy and practical, with padlocks, buckles to expand and feet.

Perhaps their laptop/iPad bag has seen better days? The portable computer is today’s traveler’s most important asset, so who wouldn’t love to receive The Row’s Leather and suede laptop bag. Finished with gold-plated hardware and lamb leather, the bag has two internal compartments for documents and laptop. A real investment piece!

Cover Up

Any traveler will tell you that one of the most functional items of clothing when embarking on a long haul flight is the good old-fashioned shawl! You can use it in the traditional sense, keeping your neck warm if your fellow passengers have the air-con on too high, and It can also be used as a blanket, a makeshift pillow or even as a mini-tent to block out the light if you need a snooze. We like the Hermes Géométrie Crétoise cashmere and silk shawl.

Traditional Travel Journal

Invoke tones of Ernest Hemingway with the Asprey’s Italian Wrap Leather notebooks. These can be embossed with your friend’s initials too, for a more personal touch. Some are also refillable, which is ideal as they’re built to last and it seems silly to throw away once filled up with travel stories. They’ll always be reminded of you when they jot down a memory from their latest adventure.

Savvy Surfer

No, we don’t mean that type of surfing! This is for the technically minded friend who hates having to lug around a charger for each gadget they take on trips. The Powermat Travel Portable Wireless Charger Mat allows you to charge up Blackberries, iPods, MP3 players and games consoles at the same time.

Flip Flops

Anyone who’s had to walk barefoot on cold marble hotel floors or almost slipped in a steamy bathroom will tell you that the humble flip-flop is the best bit of kit around! Why not supply your friend with the ultimate in chic flip-flops –Valentino make a lace bow version for ladies or for the men, Gucci have a lovely leather pair, with their classic green/red/green web. Go for a pair that has the rubber sole to avoid slipping on aforementioned wet floors!

Do Not Disturb

For the more conscientious friend, why not present them with the Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones? These clever headphones prevent your neighbour on the plane or train having to listen to the tinny noise that emits from normal headsets. They have comfortable cushioning around the ears, so they can be used for long flights too.

Travel Beauty

Those pesky carry-on rules about liquid amounts can be a real bugbear for those who like their creature comforts. Having to find your favourite brand of shampoo on a far-flung island can be difficult. Help your friend avoid this predicament by getting them a travel-size set of their favourite products. John Lewis shas a great range to choose from.

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