Travel: Winter in Barbados


As the cold closes in for winter in some parts of the world, the mind can easily shift to warmer climes. Top of the list is the Caribbean, a tropical island of warm sun, white sandy beaches and palm trees; a place that’s as far removed from the cold as a mouse from an elephant.


Barbados is a prosperous country with friendly, fun-loving and warm people, ready to make you forget your cold, damp home country and help you recharge ahead of the New Year. You can find affordable holiday deals to Barbados at, but be sure to book early.


Winter in Barbados, what’s that like?

The island has primarily two seasons: wet and dry, and you will always receive a warm welcome from the locals. The dry season runs from December to May and temperatures in this period range from 21 to 31° C, which you’ll agree is very pleasant for this time of year.

The island of Barbados is only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, with a total area of 166 square miles. Beaches, cliffs, coral reefs, coral rocks, underground lakes and caves combine to make this Caribbean Island a truly special and romantic place. It’s surprising, considering its size, that Barbados has captured the imagination of people all over the world from Mariah Carey to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Barbados beaches in winter
For peaceful sunbathing, the west coast is best, where the blue waters lap the white sand and swimming is relaxing. Active bathers can jet-ski, kayak or snorkel in the crystalline water. There are also catamaran cruises and other guided water tours on offer.

Move round to the south coast and the sandy beaches have a ring of coral protection. On this side of the island the sports turn to windsurfing, kite surfing and boogie boarding.

The east coast is wild and wind-blown, facing the mighty Atlantic Ocean. If adventurous surfing is the kind of thing that’s required, then this is the place to be. If not, a visit to the east coast of the island should be perfect for those who are happy to simply watch brave surfers try to ride the breakers.

Round on the northern side of the island, coral and sandstone cliffs rise out of the sea. Although not recommended as a swimming coast, there are still some quiet coves where you can paddle and explore the rock pools away from any crowds.


Other wintertime attractions in Barbados
Apart from the natural beauty of the coast, Barbados has plentiful other attractions, like the Mount Gay Visitor Centre where you can explore the history of rum – and enjoy samples too. The Welchman Hall Gully, connected to Harrison’s Cave and filled with exotic and tropical plants, is perfect for a daytime stroll.

It’s cooler in the winter evenings in Barbados, but who wouldn’t want to go out and enjoy the fun? Here, as the sun goes down in the west visitors can take their pick from dinner shows, nightclubs and romantic cruises under a starlit sky. Enjoy your winter in Barbados away from the gloom and chill, who could resist?




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