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It’s nearly that time of year again, and while you may not quite believe where this year has gone you should still start to feel all Christmassy when you see the special markets crop up in city centres across the world. Whether you’re in Manchester, Barcelona, London or Rome, Christmas markets have become seriously popular festive days out.

The markets offer everything from speciality meats, sweets and drinks, to exciting and unique Christmas present ideas. So, if you want to broaden your horizons, have a different type of shopping experience and get the chance to buy some things you probably never would have, the Christmas market is a must-visit this year!

So, here’s a collection of five of our favourite Christmas markets that really pack the ‘wow’ factor, from around the world.


Barcelona has one of the most diverse cultures in Europe thanks to its location and history, so you shouldn’t be surprised to learn the city also has one of the best Christmas markets in the world. Since 1786, the Christmas market in Barcelona has been improving and getting bigger and bigger, and now, you have over 300 stalls with everything you could imagine for sale.

The market is open from 26th November to 22nd December every year and is located at the Pla de la Seu & Avda de la Caterdral in Barcelona, so get yourself there and bask in some truly incredible shopping, smells and gifts!


Belgium may get some bad press from some corners for its perceived lack of excitement, but one thing the country does know how to do is a good Christmas market. From Brussels to Antwerp, Belgium has the Christmas market locked down, and one of the best in the world is found in Brussels.

The market itself is huge, and each stall looks beautiful thanks to their wooden-roofs and friendly staff ready to help you find something special for a loved one. If you don’t come away from the Brussels Christmas market in a festive and happy mood, then you’ve probably got some Scrooge blood somewhere in the family.


For something a little closer to home, take a walk through Liverpool’s Christmas market. Now featuring over 50 stalls, the ever-growing market takes you through a world of food, smells, gifts and oddities. There’s plenty for your to taste, buy and try-out, so if you’re in the North West of England, why not take a look at one of the country’s best Christmas markets?

If nothing tickles your fancy in the market, there’s always Liverpool One shopping centre just a few metres away, so you can’t lose!


The Christmas market in Copenhagen is serious. Not to say that it is boring, it’s just done well; very well! The decorations are superb and, with last year’s Russian theme, you’re guaranteed of a one-off experience for the family. The Copenhagen market runs until the 30th December, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the festive decoration and the diverse show of cultures on offer.


If you want a perfect example of Christmas, take yourself to Vienna and enjoy their incredible Christmas market. You’ll find plenty of mulled wine, gifts, smells and aromas to tickle your festive pickle, and if that’s not enough you can bask in the city’s incredible cultures, scenes and landscape. It’s a win, win situation for all!

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