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If you are heading Down Under on your holiday this year, then you might as well do it in style. Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and for many a journey there serves as a once in a lifetime experience. Why not take it further than it being just an ordinary holiday, and travel in luxury?

Whether you are planning to visit one of the big cities or looking to explore much of Australia, luxury will never be far away. Here’s how you can turn your once in a lifetime holiday into an even more luxuriou

English: Grimshaw Architects Seafarers Footbridge & Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in South Wharf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

s one.

Getting There

You don’t need us to tell you that your holiday begins at the airport, so make sure you have access to the private lounge where you can kick back, and be waited on hand and foot.

Hell, you could even treat yourself to a hire limousine on the way there!

Naturally, you then want to sit in first class for the duration of your flight, especially if you are flying from New York or London. Spending the best part of 24 hours acquainting your knees with your ears isn’t appealing to anybody, so splash out to get the best seat and best service you possibly can.

Finding a Hotel

A quick Google search of ‘luxury hotels Australia’ will give you a lot of attractive results and places to consider staying. There is a large concentration of five-star luxury hotels across Australia, especially in the big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Look beyond the usual respected names and widen your search. Many of these luxury hotels will have many options for rooms to stay in, but beware that demand is high. If you want a penthouse suite overlooking Sydney Harbour, for example, you need to book early to get what you want.

Travelling Around

Travelling through the beautiful outback is probably not everyone’s immediate idea of a luxury holiday. The trick here is to forget about where you are travelling, and instead focus on how you travel.

There are many places available to hire luxury campervans and motorhomes, which will give you most of the ‘mod cons’ a top hotel would while you travel through the remote Australian desert to big cities, beautiful beaches, and lush forests.

If you are only likely to experience Australia once, make sure you do so in grand style and luxury. From your journey to the airport at home to travelling around the country, and everything in-between, make your trip a memorable and lavish one.

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