Travel Guest Post: Top 5 Travel Destinations in Europe


Moving out to Europe could be a dream thing for countless people all across the world, while only few of them really make it a reality. Europe has been the most preferred destination by tourist all across the world. It is blessed with some of the most exotic locations for tourists of all age groups. The list of destinations in this continent is endless, while this article simply discusses some of the top five travel destinations for you. Let’s check them out:

1. London

Talking about Europe, the first travel destination worth discussing is London. It has a rich history and is among the hot destinations for people of different age groups. You could find a number of places worth visiting in London. These include, Tower of London and Millennium Wheel, which is visited by tourists from all over the world. Millennium wheel is also referred as London Eye, which is 135 meters high and visited by countless people daily. The Tower of London is basically a Royal palace belonging to the Queen and her family. Both the monuments have good historical significance by the Thames.

2. Paris

Paris is also among the top travel destinations in Europe. It is blessed with countless tourist destinations and is considered the city of love and romance. If you look at the tourist’s point of view, the Louvre Museum and Eiffel Tower are considered as the top attractions of the city. Eiffel Tower is considered an important landmark carrying all beauty and richness along with being the tallest tower in the country. The gorgeous lighting surrounding the tower simply makes the scene mesmerizing, while art lovers simply do not fail to be in love with the Louvre Museum.

3. Rome

Another worthy travel place to visit in Europe is Rome, which has a captivating history for countless tourists to explore. The tourists, who visit Italy, cannot miss visiting here. The rich architecture found in this place is worth noticing especially seen at the Roman Colosseum, which is simply magnificent. It has the capacity of more than 50,000 people during the earlier days. Once people visit Rome, one of the other favorites is Milan, which is a worthy place for fashion and fun lovers.

4. Amsterdam

Another worthy travel destination is Amsterdam in Netherlands, where you get to see places like House of Anne Frank. This place is famous for the young Jewish girl, who was known for writing stories. Her war-time diaries are really looked upon as literature masterpieces for people all across the world. Her home is now being revamped like a museum which also has a bookshop, café and several other things, which could easily attract countless of tourists all across the world.

5. Switzerland Though this place is not the part of EU, yet happens to be a very important travel destination. It is considered as an excellent place for the people who are adventurous and for people who simply love natural beauty. The whole country is popular for a fresh and clean environment thus remains the best travel destination. The people who simply love skiing and adventure sports, Switzerland happens to be the best place of them.

The list for travel destinations in Europe is simply endless; however, if you talk about the top five, then the above said places could be best place to consider. All of these places give you enough reason to visit and have good time with family and friends. So, when are you planning a trip to Europe?

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