Miles & Points, Oh My!


Sitting on a lot of airline or loyalty points, are we?

You and everyone else out there are sitting on around 15 trillion unused miles. Saving them for a rainy day? Think again. over time, “free” flights are getting more and more expensive. You points and miles are losing value over time. Airlines can change programs at their will, so their is no better time to use them like the present.

To get the most bang for your airline buck:

Plan ahead.  Mileage awards seem to be the first seats to go, but if you can plan ahead you typically get better choices, for less miles. Also avoid additional fees for last minute bookings.

Stay organized. Use services like or to keep track of your airline balances. You can even do it from the connivence of your smartphone.

Anything can be a mileage point.  Shopping? Flowers to mom? Dinners out? Earn miles anyway you can with your favorite airline.

Shop. If your miles are expiring soon, look to shop with your miles instead. Small gifts or household items could be an easy way to cash in points without going to waste. Feeling charitable? Many airlines have donation programs.




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