Travel Guest Post: Las Vegas’ Most Unusual Spa Treatments


Prepare to be pampered in the most unusual ways in Sin City: Ginger Wasabi Wrap, Sake and Rice Treatment, Choco Latte Body Buff. No, this isn’t the room service menu — these are all spa treatments designed to buff, polish and relax even the most wound-up Vegas vacationers.

Ginger Wasabi Wrap
Wasabi helps heal and detoxify the skin — not when you eat it, but when it’s applied topically. It’s been said to increase circulation and promote oxygenation of cellular tissue. Want to experience this type of invigoration? Then visit Treasure Island Las Vegas. Also, the Palms Spa at Palms Las Vegas has a 50-minute treatment using a ginger-wasabi gel and rice putty for anti-inflammatory benefits. When you’re done, you might feel like getting some sushi, but you’ll be smiling when you do.

Sake and Rice Treatment
As a complement to the above wrap, what about a rice and sake treatment? This spa menu item from Wynn Las Vegas features rice oil, an acai scrub and lychee lotion, followed by a soothing massage to realign your energy and calm your entire body.

Chill in the Arctic Ice Room
Cool down — way down — in the Arctic Ice Room at the Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace. In this 55°F chamber, snowflakes float from the ceiling and mint-infused air surrounds you. This kind of treatment is especially relaxing in summer when temperatures regularly reach above 100°.

Robe Spa
At the Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace, your robe gets its own spa. This means your robe stays toasty, so when you’re ready to step out of the pool, you can warm up quickly. You can also store your towels here and keep them warm, too.

Pumpkin Facial
During autumn, spa goers will find a variety of pumpkin treatments in Vegas. Not only is it a seasonal ingredient, but pumpkin is a natural anti-inflammatory, and its natural enzymes exfoliate and get rid of dead skin. Try a pumpkin facial at the JW Marriott.

Spicy Body Wrap
A spicy body wrap at JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa combines cinnamon and paprika, which will leave you feeling smooth and smelling yummy.

Champagne and Caviar Facial
Caviar and Champagne combined together on your face. What could be more extravagant than that? The people at Dolphin Court Salon & Spa fused the two into a masque that uses protein-rich caviar, which contains antioxidants, and Champagne to revitalize your skin.

24K Gold Facial
Okay, covering your face in real gold is more extravagant than Champagne and caviar. This treatment is popular among Hollywood stars and if you can afford it, it can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as well as lighten your skin. Go to nearby Henderson at Quick Weight Loss and Skin Care for this 90-minute treatment, which uses 24-karat gold leaf sheets, which are steamed to induce penetration, and a custom serum massaged into the mask.

Wine Down Body Treatment
At JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa, you can enjoy an organic, wine-infused treatment that begins with a red-wine reduction sugar scrub and uses crushed grape seed to polish your skin. Then, a white-wine clay masque is applied, followed by an almond biscotti massage.




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