Travel Guest Post: A Perfect Holiday in Las Vegas


Holidaying in the dazzling land of Las Vegas – it’s a dream comes true for all the travel buffs from all over the world. However, here are a few things in the checklist that you need to take care of to make sure you aren’t missing out on any fun when you wake up in Vegas.

A bit of planning is needed It is advisable that you avoid the peak holiday season when you’re planning your dream vacation to Vegas. During off-season you can get better airfares, hotel taxes and car rentals, in short you get all the fun with less stress… and most importantly you can avoid the maddening crowd.

And if you want the true spirit of Las Vegas during the season time, advanced booking and reservations is a must. You land there without having the hotels book, well you find yourself in deep soup. Click here to find the best travel deals.

Let’s start with getting the basics right.

  • There is a lot of walking to do, you will be spending a lot of time walking on the strips, browsing through the shops, hence make sure you’re carrying a pair of comfortable shoes. Walking through the mesmerizing streets of this glittering town and the last thing you would want is blisters making you feel really uncomfortable.

  • When packing clothes you should remember to check the weather during your stay. Between May to August the temperature is usually high, months of June and July are really hot. The temperature drops in October and is pretty comfortable in April. But, no matter what the weather is like put in a couple of party wears in the luggage. The city hosts sizzling fashion shows throughout the year. You wouldn’t want to miss out on them because you aren’t carrying a dress. Well, it’s not much of a problem if you’re not carrying one. There is always the convenient option of buying a couple of dresses from the Grand Canal or Caesar point shopping plazas. And a hot dress is must for the casino night.

Checklist once you land in Vegas:

  • Las Vegas being the desert area, the climate is fairly dry. Be very careful about the fluid intake to avoid any sort of bodily discomforts during your stay. The Margaritas, the Mohitos, the Tequilas will be on, but do drink adequate water to make sure that the fluid intake is optimum.

  • Well if the plan is a budget holiday, Vegas isn’t really the place to be. The dazzling town have had always attracted big spenders, but here again, a little planning can help you economize your spending during your stay. Before you enter a restaurant, check the menu outside. Keep an eye on the clock while you’re having fun in the casinos. While you can have a splendid holiday for two at just $100 per day, you can get carried away by the glamour quotient and end up spending thousands of dollars for just one meal.

Bookings made, hotels arranged, bags are packed and guys you’re ready to roll. And if you have overspent, just remember “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

Author’s Bio – Sam Payn is a widely traveled blogger. Her travel blogs are very much popular among her fans. You can click here to find more travel related info.


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