Travel: Travel Prep 101


It’s tempting to just throw off the shackles of daily life and fly away to an exotic destination. Real life always needs taking care of, though. Get everything in order before traveling so there’s a minimal amount of disruption. Bills still need paying, debts need clearing, and your employer needs informing. On top of all this, you have to prepare for the worst if something goes wrong by taking out life insurance and travel insurance. Read on to find out more about what you need to have in order before jetting away to your favorite Caribbean island.

Employer’s Rights 

Your employer expects you to tell them when you want to take a vacation. The format for planning time away from work depends entirely on the job. Some employers have no issues with you just giving them a call a few days before you leave. Others demand you plan it months in advance, with you having to fill out various forms and documents. Whatever you have to do, don’t just leave without notifying your employer. Otherwise, they have the right to fire you. Take note, they also have the right to decline your request for time away from the workplace, so ask before booking anything.

The Worst Possible Outcome

Life insurance is the ideal package for saving your family from lots of heartache if something goes wrong on your travels. There’s an increased risk of death in many less well-developed countries. The policy holder (that’s you) funds the insurance policy by making regular payments. If you should die the policy provides a lump sum to the ones you’ve left behind. It means they don’t have to worry about potentially losing the house. Speak to your insurer about the various types of life insurance policy on offer to find one which suits your needs.

Bills and Expenses

The bills still need paying whilst you’re away. This could include credit card payments, store card payments, or your regular electricity and water bills. Set up direct debits whilst you’re away to make sure you don’t have to pay anything extra through late fees. On a side note, check your cell phone’s contract. Make sure it remains valid for the duration of your trip, or you could find yourself in a tricky situation

Mail Collection

Having someone, such as a neighbor, to collect your mail is essential for two reasons. Firstly, you want someone to keep your correspondence organized to save you from a hefty pile of letters when you return. Secondly, it stops your home becoming a target for thieves. House invaders regularly target houses where the owner is away for an extended period of time. A visible build-up of mail on the porch is an obvious sign of an empty home.

Comprehensive Plan

Unless you’re an experienced traveler, never leave without having a comprehensive plan of where you’re going. Write down your itinerary for where you’re going, how long you will stay here for, and when you expect to return. Leave these plans with a trusted friend or family member. If you must make any changes to this plan, write it down and inform this person so they know you’re not in trouble.



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