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Do you really need a reason to visit the land down under? Not really! If you need a little convincing, here are 4 great reasons you should visit Australia NOW!





1.) Sun, Sand and Surf

Miles upon miles of gorgeous white sand beaches, perfect weather practically year-round (somewhere in Australia it is warm!) and clear blue shimmering waters. If you live for the sunlight and nature, Australia is a place you don’t want to miss. Take advantage of several outdoorsy sports such as: surfing, hiking, swimming, paddling and climbing. The beaches have been rated some of the best in the world, and who can pass up a chance to explore The Great Barrier Reef.


2.) Australian Eats

Like most countries, Australia has it’s fair share of native eats. One of the Aussies favorites: Vegemite. The dark brown food paste made from yeast extract is used on everything from toast to crackers to sandwiches to biscuits. Feeling a bit daring? Try out kangaroo, crocodile and camel. Aussie BBQ is also a serious tradition, with grilled kangaroo a specialty. In Sydney, don’t miss the seafood it is very well-known for, including Balmain Bugs (a small local freshwater lobster creature).



Australia is known for its outback, and the wide variety of animals that inhabit the country. Kangaroos and Koalas may be the mascots of this foreign land, but don’t forget the wombats, cockatoos, kiwis, yellow-eyed penguins and kookaburras. 


Art and music festivals this week

4.) Entertainment

Australians generally have a very laid-back attitude and love of life, and they love to be entertained! The cities are filled with constant entertainment. Concerts, festivals, art, food, movies, music and film are just some of the ways to pass the time in the land down under.

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