Travel: Top Destinations and Activities For Stag Weekends

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Planning a bachelor party is not an easy task. Anyone who has ever been married or who is close friends with then-bachelors know the difficulties of hosting a successful night. This includes efficiently budgeting costs or the pressure to make the fun lasting all night. If you’re in need now, here are some of the hottest spots you could consider to organize your bachelors in.

Recommendations for your stag destinations:

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam has always been known as the haven for all things bright and exciting. You can always manage to have fun with or without full pockets. The more adventurous dudes can always visit Red Light District if you wish to indulge in traditional Amsterdam fare. There are lots of street parties going on, and you’ll surely never miss out on any fun.

2. Budapest

If you and your buddies wish for a refreshing experience while you celebrate, Budapest should be one of your top picks. This European capital is host to a diverse mix of eastern and western capitals which would surely make your stay one of the most interesting activities ever. Staying in the metropolis gives you a taste of both a historical and modern experiences as the city features beautiful display of museums, shops, restaurants, and an active nightlife. You surely cannot go wrong in Budapest!

3. Edinburgh

Thought Edinburgh is just for the jumpy bagpipe laying dudes? Think again! Edinburgh surely has something for any guy of every kind. There’s more to see here than the rich and intriguing culture of the Scots. You may also choose to go outdoors to enjoy the canyons and various water activities. The more traditional ones can still enjoy the lively nightlife inside bars or experience stripper dinners on tap. Buckle up inside all the pubs in Scotland!

4. Riga

There is a reason Riga is rapidly becoming one of the most popular European destinations for stag weekends. The options are endless for the adventurous ones in Riga. Activities in Riga would always be taking your adrenaline on a high as you stroll at night around town or take it easy inside their bars. There’re always lots of girls, music, and alcohol in this predominantly Russian place.

Recommendations for your stag activities:

Of course, aside from the usual trips to your nightclubs or pubs, here are other things you could do to spice up your stag weekends.

1. Game night!

You could group your guys together indoors for a fun night involving your poker chips and some cards. You could also choose to invite some girls for some stripping fun. If you aren’t the gambling type, your choices could go from playing some grown-up dodgeball to outdoor paintball. After all, some adrenaline-pumping activities would make us shed off those younger years and bring out the real men in you. Whoever loses in these games will surely have the night of his life with all the alcohol he has to drink.

2. Outdoor fun with nature

One of the most famous things you could do outdoors is to go canyoning. There could be nothing more exciting than climbing up and down cliffs, wading through rivers, or struggling through gorges for a full day with your bros. This could be the ultimate test of strength and character as you let nature challenge you instead.

3. Karting

Wanna go head-to-head with your dudes for some heated but healthy rivalry? This is one of the most appropriate venues to let out your competitive side with some bantering on the side. We don’t think that stag weekends could ever be as fun if nice guys don’t get to lash out their wild sides.

4. Survival Horror

This is probably something only few have ever done before, which means that this experience would surely prove to be both the exciting and terrifying type. Whether you try out hunting werewolves, or try to survive a (simulated) zombie apocalypse, this campout activity is guaranteed to leave you guys on your toes for the ride of your life. This unique experience will surely be one of the best topics you could talk about for the years to come.

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