Travel: Wakeboarding in Australia


Wakeboarding is an exciting and breathtaking water sport that involves riding a boat over the surface of a body of water. Often called as skurfing or ski-boarding, wakeboarding was invented from a fusion of surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and water skiing techniques. Practically, it is like surfing, except that it is more fun, challenging and exciting.

Australia has a wealth of world-class and astonishing wake boarding spots to offer. If you are visiting the country and you are looking for the perfect destination to hone your wakeboarding skills, make sure to consider these premier wakeboarding spots in Australia:

Lake Eildon

Named as one of the top wake boarding destinations in the world, Lake Eildon in Victoria Australia is the favorite wake boarding destination to some of Australia’s finest wake boarders, like Mackey Brothers, Brenton Priesley and Daniel Watkins. With its massive water shoreline of five hundred kilometers, it is no surprise that a vast number of wakeboard enthusiasts flock to this wakeboarding spot each year.

White sands

For those who are looking for a destination that is specifically dedicated to wakeboarding, the White sands in South Australia is the right place to be. In White Sands, there are no wave runners, seafood dishes and water ski. In general, the spot is exclusive for boarders and wakeboarding enthusiasts.

Stoney Park

Located in New South Wales, Australia, Stoney Park is an artificial water sport venue that is mainly designed for people who want to develop their wakeboarding skills. This premier wakeboarding spot has two custom-built lakes that provide optimum condition for wake boarders of every level.

Wakeboarding is a very popular water sport in Australia. Each year, thousands of wake boarders from all over the world swarm to the country not only to witness the best wakeboarding competitions, but also to participate in some wakeboarding activities. Basically, a trip to Australia is incomplete without having a wakeboarding activity. So, if you are looking for the best wakeboarding spots that the world has to offer, book your Jetstar flights and visit Australia.


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