Travel: A Memorable Trip to Benidorm

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Spain has always been a cherished tourist destination. The culture, cuisine, people- everything about it attracts people from all over the world. And nestled along the Western Mediterranean coast of Spain is a small village turned popular tourist hub, Benidorm.

A village with Roman and Punic remains and roots dating back to 3000 BC has transformed radically into a fast paced, swanky holiday destination with the world’s maximum high-rise buildings per capita today. Nonetheless, the developments of the modern world has not taken away from the natural beauty of the land, the long stretches of golden beaches, rocky coves with marine treasures, the view from the Canafali hills, the undulating Mediterranean – all of these are still glorious in their untainted natural splendor.  So if you’re thinking of on a trip to Spain or are thinking of planning one, then do not forget to include this little coastal paradise in your itinerary. And in case you do so here are some pointers for your trip to the same.

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  • Where to stay- There are a number of spectacular hotels ranging from luxurious to reasonably adequate, in Benidorm. Amongst these a mention worthy hotel, that has been often called by its visitors as fabulous is, the Sandos Monaco hotel groups – Sandos Monaco Beach Hotel & Spa. Though only meant for adults, this hotel is situated 250 metres from the Levante Beach, which is one of the best beaches of Benidorm and features as highly recommended in all of its tour guides. The hotel itself includes an outdoor pool, a sun terrace and spa to fully rest and rejuvenate a weary traveler/tourist. Further the rooms come with private balconies that allow you to enjoy the panoramic view of the entire area. The entire establishment is managed by a team of very effective, helpful and amiable staff. So if you’re planning to get away from the tiring monotony and exhaustion of everyday life then this is the place for you. Take your friends, partner or just yourself and pamper yourself to your heart’s desire.
  • Places to see- There are a few places that a Benidorm visitor must explore. Some of the highly recommended ones are as follows:
  • Levante Beach – Once you feel rested enough and want to explore places beyond the hotel gates, take a stroll down the Levante Beach. The Soft sands and the surrounding scenic beauty are complimented with a number of snack bars and restaurants offering the choicest of sea food for you. It is a great place to observe the natural beauty while relaxing and exploring the local cuisine.
  • Terra Natura- A natural park replicating particular ecosystems, and a good way out of the hustle and bustle of busy and active Benidorm. It is ideal for leisurely, long walks while observing some of the most amazing animals and birds from around the world. You can make a day out of just visiting this place, and when hungry, you can grab a bite from the one site café which offers a wide variety of food and drinks.
  • Marco Polo Expediciones Jeep Safari – As the name suggests, it is a jeep safari and takes you along the coasts, river beds, up the hills and to the waterfalls. Being a highly enjoyable excursion this allows you to experience all of the natural, visual grandeur of Benidorm in just a few hours.

Apart from these, there are a number of other sites like Mundomar aquarium, Poniente Beach, placa Del Castell (a Scenic historic walking area), and many restaurants. Little Benidorm with all of its appeal proves true the proverb ‘big surprises come in small packages’.

Author– Sam Payn loves to explore new destinations. Whether how to reach Sandos Monaco hotel or how to hire a cab for less – he has written on all topics related to traveling.


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