Travel: Top 5 Spectacular Luxury Tourist Spots

With time people are asking for more luxury in everything and this trend is making a big place in travel also. Now travelers are ready to pay huge amount and in return they want more luxury that include personalized attention, best comfortable stay, best food, and visits to memorable place and more exciting experience. To have this experience travelers are visiting to various luxury tourist spots and here is a list of Top 5 spectacular Luxury Tourist spots.

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New York City: New York City is the most populated and most popular city of United states and this is a city that never sleeps. New York is a place that is best known as cultural capital of USA and financial capital of the world along with USA and this is what makes it the most luxurious tourist destination of the world. New York has so many tourist attraction and its hotels offer a very luxurious stay to its visitors. This city always welcome tourist with open heart and tourist get everything in New York that they expect from a luxury tourist spot.

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Paris: If New York is financial capital of the world Paris can be termed as cultural and artistic capital of the world and along with this Paris is the most romantic destination of the world. You can find amazing art at every inch of Paris and it has some of the best museums, restaurants, boutique and hotels of the world. All these great features of Paris make it the most luxurious tourist destination of the world and its hotels offer you every luxury that you can find only at selected places in the world.

Buckingham Palace, London - April 2009
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London: In London you can get traditional theaters, amazing monuments, historical places, cultural activities, big eye and much more with great hotels and comfortable stay with amazing food and boutiques. London is the place that invented the luxury of butler service and it offers best luxury in many of the hotels and luxury travelers just love this place. And if you want to roam and drive yourself in this luxurious destinations just find dvla telephone number make a call to them and verify if your driver’s license is permitted to drive in London or not.

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Italy: Italy has everything that a tourist may want. It has lash farmlands, it has big mountains, it has gorgeous beaches, it has breath-taking beautiful cities and thousands of cultural and historical monuments that amaze and attract tourist from the world. And Italy gives a very hospitable and comfortable and luxurious stay to its visitor that overwhelms them and they like to visit here again and again.

7 Star Luxury
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Dubai: If we talk about Dubai of 70s it was nothing but sand and dust but today Dubai is a city of luxury. If you can’t afford luxury, you can think about staying in Dubai. Dubai has the tallest building of the world that is nicknamed as vertical city. It has amazing islands created by humans and it has some of the best hotels and restaurants of the world that offers best stay and food in the world and if you have anything else in your mind that you expect from your luxurious tourist just name it there and you will surely get it in Dubai.

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