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Beach at sunrise
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Whether you are planning a week-long trip or a quick weekend away, a holiday is a fun and rewarding experience for everyone. Coffs Harbour and the surrounding coastal areas offer a range of fun activities everybody will enjoy.

Getting there

Coffs Harbour is located almost halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, and it’s accessible by plane from most capital cities. You can also choose to drive: It is 6.5 hours from Sydney and 5 hours from Brisbane. Break up the journey with some stops along the way to stretch your legs and have a break from the long drive. If you do drive, consider adding roadside assistance to your car insurance in case you break down or get a flat tire, no one wants to be stranded on holiday. You can compare car insurance options online to check for good deals.


Coffs Harbour has a wide range of accommodations to suit any budget, taste and family size. Within the city center, you’ll find luxury hotel accommodations and family-sized bungalows and apartments. On the outskirts of the town, you will find camping and caravan grounds for a more outdoors-y experience. Also consider renting a bungalow within a resort along the Coffs Coast you’ll wake up every morning with views of the beach before heading to the pool for a swim. Check online for accommodation options.

Swim with the Dolphins

Experience the magic of dolphins at Dolphin Marine Magic, located on the Coffs Harbour jetty. Make sure to book your dolphin and seal interaction experience in advance, as it can be difficult to get walk-up tickets to this interactive marine park. You can get up close and personal with seals, dolphins and penguins and learn about other marine life, including fish, coral and sharks.

See the Big Banana

One of the most famous attractions in Coffs Harbour is the Big Banana. Yes, there is literally a big banana on site, as well as water rides, toboggan rides, educational tours, ice skating and a candy kitchen. Family passes are available.

Explore the National Parks

Coffs Harbour is surrounded by many national parks and forests that offer fantastic bushwalking experiences where you will interact with native flora and fauna. Dorringo National Park is a world heritage-listed rain forest that is home to an abundance of wildlife and native trees. You can go on the Skywalk, a raised walkway that takes you to the top of some of the tallest trees in the forest and discover what the view must be like for a bird! There are picnic tables and barbecues as well as a cafe within the park. While you’re there, visit the Crystal Shower and Tristania waterfalls.

Theres so much to do in the Coffs Harbour area. Your holiday there will be a beautiful one that you will never forget.

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