Book Review: Blind Curves


After losing her husband and business partner at 57, former Citigroup executive Linda Crill’s life didn’t seem to fit her anymore. Like many people, she found herself asking, “What now?”

Searching for drastic change, she signed up for a 2,500-mile road trip down America’s Pacific Northwest coast with a group of experienced motorcycle riders. At the time, Linda had never ridden anything more powerful than a bike.

From barely passing a basic riding course at the local Harley dealership to cruising along the Columbia River, rolling through hills of California wine country, winding up on the side of a snow-covered Cascade Mountain volcano, and discovering the summer beauty of Washington apple country, Linda learned sometimes the answers we’re searching for are behind doors we’ve labeled “not me.”

In her new book, Linda open-heartedly discusses the relationship between travel and personal development, how her unusual road trip tested her personal identity, tackling change, how her book answered the question of “What now?” and embracing the unknown and her advice for reinventing yourself and breaking down doors labeled “not me”.

  • “When the unexpected occurs, the answers we are searching for are often found around ‘blind curves’—the unknown,” Crill says. “This trip opened my eyes to a new way of being and became the catalyst for recreating my life.”

To check out Linda’s exciting adventure on your own- buy Blind Curves on Amazon.





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