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Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
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Ireland is a country that is famous for each and everything that it has – right from its world-famous beer to its healthy and tongue delighting food, from its scenic views to its traditional dance grooves – everything about this country is as beautiful and rhythmic as its name.

Following are a few reasons out of many to prove why you must travel to Ireland for a perfect vacation:

1) Pleasant weather:
No matter which season you choose to visit this country for your vacation, it would never disappoint you by extreme heat or unbearable cold. The climate and weather of Ireland is always soothing and every tourist easily adapts himself to the surroundings and the environment.

2) Arts:
Ireland’s literature is one of the oldest one as it exists from the 6th Century and has given the world great writers like James Joyce, one of the most famous writers of the 20th century. There are many museums where works of such famous writers and paintings of well renowned Irish painters are displayed. One can find Neolithic carvings, the sculptures and Irish graphic art, in Newgrange.

3) Music and dance:
Ireland has blessed the world with the River dance and hence if you visit this country, watching a theatrical performance of this dance is a must to see thing, as it takes you into a world of stories and makes you tap on the rhythm of the Irish traditional music.

4) Food and drink:
Irish beer is exported to different countries around the world and is one of the most expensive beers one can buy in a foreign country. However, since this is its home country, you can easily enjoy the weather in a beautiful Hotel balcony, drinking affordable Irish beer and having a conversation with your partner. This country is famous for its homemade cheese and hence, toast and cheese is a famous breakfast served in almost all the restaurants and hotels here.
If you don’t drink alcohol, you can always sip on hot Irish coffee, which is available with or without Whiskey.

5) Tourist attractions:
Ireland is famous for its huge and lavish gardens, ancestry collections, palaces, castles and water based activities. It is full of historical sites and heritage of its own. If you can adjust the duration of your vacation, visit this country during one of its festivals and you will get to enjoy the warm welcome of its people.

6) Spa destinations:
There are a few Spa destinations in Ireland that are famous for relaxing spas in open landscape views. Different Spa Salons give you different places to choose from and you have to make a choice from the huge list of oils. It’s a place where people don’t mind you roaming in slippers and robe all day!

Ireland is enrolled with the Visa Waiver Program. Hence, before travelling from one country to another (US), ESTA form must be filled. Information about this form and other formalities to fulfill before planning your vacation can be easily gathered online. Knowledge of such things helps in the preparation for a perfect and stress free holiday.



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