Travel: The Art of the Brick Building Contest at Discovery Times Square Museum


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Legos”? Is it a Christmas morning of hours upon hours of imaginative brick-building? Is it a robotics class in high school or college? Do you prefer the medieval bricks, the famous Star Wars sets or the plain old regular building bricks? Regardless of how you used them, your Legos surely lived up to their name. The famous brand’s name comes from the Danish “leg godt” – “play well,” and it has been used for just that since 1961. The beauty of Legos is that they can be used in such versatile ways, and one artist in New York City has found an even more creative way to display the pliability of the human creativity with Legos.

The Artist: In the heart of the Big Apple, you’ll find Discovery Times Square Museum. It has various traveling exhibitions that are not to be missed. Since June 14th, 2013 they have an entire exhibit featuring Lego Art by artist Nathan Sawaya. Born in 1973 and after completing his degree in law, the artist in him couldn’t hold back any longer. In 2004 he opened his own studio in New York where he can custom make just about anything. While he is not employed by Lego, they have made him an official Lego Master Builder. This man is inspiring. His masterpieces are beautiful and contemporary. Whether you’re a Lego-lover or a Lego-beginner you can’t leave New York without visiting the Discovery Times Square Museum.


The Artist in YOU: If you’re a true Lego fan that has not yet passed the Lego honeymoon phase, then there is an opportunity to engage your creative side. Discovery Times Square Museum is hosting a contest for all the Nathan Sawaya’s out there to enter. If you think you can create something original or inspired by Sawaya’s work then there’s no time to waste. Enter the Discovery contest quickly because the last date to enter the contest is August 19th.There are 4 age groups and one winner will be chosen from each age group and winners’ artwork will be put on display at Discovery Times Square till January 5th 2014. For all other contest details, check out their website. It’s time for the artist in you to be revealed.


  • Get Inspired: Browse through pictures of the works of professional Lego builders. Find videos of them working.
  • Draw: Drawing out the piece and estimating how many pieces you will need are some of the basic steps. Sketch when you’re travelling, when you run out of work
  • Watch: Keep your eyes peeled because inspiration could come when you least expect it. In the bathroom or on your way to work—be prepared!
  • Experiment: If nothing seems to be worth starting, start anyway and maybe it will come to you just as you’re laying one brick on the next. Remember play well and have fun!

Hop on a Plane:

If you’re like me which is more of an art-appreciator rather than an artist then a trip out to New York will always be well worth your money and your time. Think about how this edgy medium can be used to communicate ideas of the freedom of the human spirit from the physical clutches of earth that are so aptly described by the hard angles of Legos. It takes patience and genius to put together these works perfectly without one brick out or place. Bring family and friends to experience this exhibit in Times Square. Don’t let anything stop you! Play well!



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