Travel: Seychelles- An Island of Picture Perfect Beaches

Paradise Seychelles

Seychelles the mesmeric magical land of unparalleled beauty can readily be described as truly unique or “another world” is lying some 1,600 kilometers off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. The archipelago is made up of 115 islands of immense beauty and great diversity with many species of exotic flora and fauna which is found only here makes it truly astonishing. The populations of Seychelles provide most ethnicity to the island including Europeans, Chinese and Indians etc resulting in three official languages such as English, French and Creole.
Seychelles make you feel that you are in a tropical paradise. Today this island has a remarkably multicultural society with abundance of natural bounty and wildlife that draw visitors from far off places to enjoy one of the most memorable holidays of their life which they cherish forever. So whether you love travelling, want to celebrate your honeymoon, or an adventurous freak, get ready for an overwhelming journey of your life by booking a low fare flight to Seychelles, that will surely steal your heart and compel you to visit this land of unimaginable beauty again and again.

The diversity of Seychelles landscape rushes up to greet you the moment you have arrived here and promise a never-ending list of activities that you can do over here. Besides its natural attractions the thing that attract visitors over here is it’s pristinely beautiful beaches. There’s a beach for everyone, for families, for children for those seeking seclusion and solitude. The white powdery sand, the cobalt blue water, abundance of sunshine is and lot of fun-filled adventurous activities will create an everlasting impression on the minds of its visitors and make them feel more than happy that you have selected Seychelles as your next holiday spot.

Anse Source D’ Argent:- It is one of the best beaches in Seychelles and is quite popular too. It is located on La Digue, which is one of the main islands and was once thought as location of “Garden of Eden” and the panoramic beauty of Anse Source D’ Argent leaves no doubt on it. The coastline is decked with small crescent pink sand beaches which are separated by gigantic granite boulders and the beach is surrounded by coral reefs makes an excellent setting for snorkeling and sun bathing. It is voted as one of the best beaches in the world.

Anse Lazio:- Another island which is quite popular among tourists is Praslin and one of the best beaches in Seychelles Anse Lazio is situated on the north west corner of Praslin in Chevalier. It is an embodiment of pure natural beauty is a perfect crescent of soft, fine grained sand and gin-clear warm turquoise water. The beach is relatively deep and is one of the best places to enjoy panoramic visuals of sun setting.

Anse Major:- It is indeed a treasure trove of natural beauty hidden far away from roads and hotels. The only way to get there is either by walking or by hiring a fisherman to give you a boat ride. The tranquility and beauty of this place is inspiring and you feel overwhelmed by a lush jungle which covers slopes of this island. The beach looked golden by the hue of sun rays and gentle waves of Indian Ocean which touch the ancient granite rocks that framed the beach. The ocean seems intense blue, stretching to infinity which seems met with sky. It is a best place to enjoy snorkeling or swimming. So to enjoy all this astonishing beauty and mesmerizing scenery catch business class flights to Seychelles and enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience.

Anse A La Mouche:- If you want to experience that a lone boat in the middle of turquoise water which is surrounded by tranquil scenery and the boat get passed to lush curtains of vegetation , then this beach is an ultimate destination for you. It seems that water gradually intensifies its color and the distant peaks form the perfect backdrop. If the description is so imaginative then one can easily feel how much this beach is actually beautiful. Like this there is countless number of beaches that you can explore and enjoy the most fascinating holiday of your life.




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