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First class use to mean better meals and a bit more leg room. With the introduction of each new commercial airliner came a few more anticipated upgrades that first class travelers expectantly looked forward to. But my how the times have changed.

Enter the Emirates A380. With their latest aircraft they have added a number of services and amenities that is taking luxury to new altitudes. Why make due with a hot towel when an in-flight shower is available complete with heated floors? And why settle for mere seat dividers when you can relax in your own private suite? If ever given the opportunity to relax on the mattress covered seat beds, enjoy gourmet meals and luxuriate in a shower spa, you will come to the realization that you are not sitting on cloud nine, you’re cruising above it.

Private Suites 


Feeling like getting away from it all even on a commercial airline flight? Then retreat to the sanctuary of your own suite, push the button to close the electronically operated door and lower the ambient lighting. Each suite comes with its own vanity table, mirror and wardrobe in case you want to change on those long flights.

If you are in the mood for entertainment, then look no further than your 23” television screen. Mix a drink from the personal mini bar while you choose from over 1200 TV, movie, game, and audio channels. Manage the environment from lights to entertainment from the wireless device while you enjoy a leather massage seat. The suite life also includes a dine on demand meal service which allows you to order from the à la carte menu at any time.

When you want to stretch out, the crew will convert your seat to a fully flat bed complete with a mattress. If you are flying with a companion and want some company, the divider separating the inboard suites can be lowered.

Onboard Lounge


After recharging in your own private cocoon you may want to get out and mingle. Also located on the upper deck, two lounges allow you to socialize while enjoying five-star delicacies and wines chosen by the airlines own wine stewards.   Once you have your favorite mixed drink in hand, sample a delicacy and take a seat on one of the leather couches. Plug in your laptop, listen to music, or conduct a business meeting. If you feel the need for quieter surroundings, make your way to the front of the first class cabin is a private social area complete with a soothing water feature and mood lighting.

No longer do overseas travelers have an excuse for looking worn out and haggard when they reach their destination. Thanks to the posh accommodations onboard, flying on the Emirates A380 is like taking a mini vacation in itself.

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