Travel: What is a Babymoon and what are the 5 Top Destinations?


Somewhere between the baby glow and the bouncing bundle of joy, a trend is developing for last-minute alone time for ma and pa. So where is best to babymoon?


Simply put, a babymoon is a last hurrah for mum and dad before the stork delivers them of a bundle of joy to fulfil their lives and dirty great bags for underneath their eyes: one final, romantic fling before the inevitable merry chaos of parenthood.

Though the preparations for baby’s arrival are fun and exciting, it’s also a daunting time. Between pre-natal classes, studying and emptying your wallet on the necessities, your bun in the oven can be a little overwhelming and, at times, even stressful.

So what’s the solution? Time out to connect with your partner, remind yourself of where junior came from and truly indulge, be selfish and spoil yourselves rotten before your world is turned topsy turvy in the most wonderful way.

Though you should always seek the advice of your GP, it’s generally agreed that flying is safe for women enjoying a healthy pregnancy, with the second trimester considered as the most ideal time for air travel. So what’s stopping you?

Here’s a round-up of my top 5 babymoon destinations, with proximity to home factored in to minimize travel time. Because I’m thoughtful like that.


If there’s one thing the French know, it’s shameless indulgence. From opulent spas and beautiful food to countless romantic locations, France has a huge amount to offer parents-to-be. Only an hour’s time difference from the UK and easy to get to by train if you’re not comfortable flying, France offers a combination of European glamour and a relaxed, laid-back feel. Depending on the time of year, the temperature for your holiday is likely to be just right – not too hot, not too cold; perfect if you’re enjoying a Goldilocks type of a pregnancy.

Health care is excellent, with easy access to doctor’s surgeries and pharmacies throughout the country. There’s little need to worry about a language barrier as English is widely spoken to a high standard.

The downside is you’ll be taunting yourself with the most perfect soft cheeses, only to remember that they’re on the list on banned foods. Chin up, however! It’s not uncommon for women to enjoy a small amount of alcohol with food while pregnant in France. Swings and roundabouts, and all that.


Much like France, the positives of visiting Italy include a relatively short flight, beautiful sights, fantastic food and an outstanding healthcare system, should you need to make use of it.

In addition, ferries make travelling around beautiful lake towns both relaxing and stress-free, with truly magnificent views to reward your efforts.

While it’s true that inner city Italian life might seem all hustle, bustle and business, there are countless cafes in which to sit and watch the world go by in your own sweet time.

Family is at the heart of Italian culture and as expectant parents, you may find a visit to a beautiful place with deep-rooted domestic values the perfect inspiration for starting your own family.


From sun soaked beaches to lively villages, bursting with character, Spain has its feet firmly grounded in hospitality. Whether you’d like your last hurrah to be spent horizontal, relaxing in the sunshine or you feel your days of freedom deserve more of a lively salute, you can have it all. Make yourselves at home.

For a peek at some sun-soaked Spanish destinations and plenty of other ideas besides, take a look at Tots Too.


Explore rocky coves, recline on endless stretches of sun-kissed beach or relax with a prenatal massage in a hotel spa: Portugal adds a taste of luxury to any babymoon. With a landscape ranging from rugged coastline to lush and mountainous greenery, the surroundings are perfect for relaxation. Add to that several luxury hotel spas and the scene is set for a romantic break straight out of a magazine.


Here’s a curveball – the UK has some of the most relaxing and indulgent spas in Europe. If you’re nervous about roaming too far from home, it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge and unwind with a heavenly babymoon.

So the weather may be a constant variable. But, from quaint, secluded cottages to pampering hotel suites, us Brits know how to make staying indoors just as fun as exploring outside. And with some of the most varied and breath-taking landscapes in Europe, it’s no second best option. Visit historic towns, root around in castles or park up with a countryside view and stay there, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying as much peaceful sleep as you can squeeze in to a few short days.

Have you enjoyed a perfect babymoon? Share your fond memories with us!

Author: Claire Hovey is a writer with a diary full of baby showers and a baby-sitting schedule any skint fifteen year old would be envious of. She and her circle of yummy mummy chums have been discussing the merits of babymooning over several hard rounds of chamomile tea.



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