Travel: 10 Must Visit Travel Destinations

Traveling to a favorite destination is something everyone longs to enjoy. Some people will take long periods saving and planning for that deserved break to a popular of preferred destination. With so many countries across the world, everyone has an equal chance of finding a destination that is most suitable and a destination that will be rewarding in every way during the holiday or vacation. Below are some of the best top 10 countries that are a must visit destinations in the world:

Sitting Buddhas
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  • Sri Lanka 

Even though some of the areas here remain closed to tourists as a result of the 1983 civil war and the tragic Boxing Day Tsunami back in 2004, this is a country that still has great things to offer. The tourism industry has drastically grown and the numbers are increasing by the day. The best thing about Sri Lanka is that it is a destination that is quite affordable and it has become a valued destination. Among the must see attractions here include the Hindu deity statue located at the Koneswaram Hindu temple in Fort Frederick. Those who love culture will find the destination amazing and affordable. To reach this destination you need to have Sri Lanka visa.

Gothic Chapel on  Liptovska Mara in the Morning Light ~ Liptov, Slovakia
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  • Slovakia 

This is Europe’s cultured corner in makeover and it forms the fastest growing economies in the world. The country is amazing for all sorts of holidays including the popular stag weekends and ski packages. Apart from having amazing features, delicious cuisines and lots of activities, the country is also quite affordable in every sense as a travel destination.

  • Solomon Island

The eco-resorts are engaging and the home stays in the villages as well as scuba diving make the area simply amazing for travel. Travelling here is much easier and with delicious sea food to offer, visitors are bound to have a time of their lives here.

Canyon Piva
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  • Montenegro 

This country has stunning wild beauty making it stand out among the destinations. The nature here is creative and prolific with some of the best spots being the endless beaches along Riviera and the Kotor Bay which is nothing short of bewitching. The rugged wild interior offer amazing biking and hiking experiences which together with the beaches and the modern infrastructure making it a glorious destination.

  • Ecuador

The rainforest and the famed volcano Cotopaxi as well as the Devil’s Nose are some of the major attractions here. The country’s best spots have now being linked well making it easier for the travelers to enjoy and find their way with ease. The gastronomy here is simply delicious with the traditional cuisines standing out.

  • Iceland 

This land inspires devotion and is best for those who love fun activities and saving some money while having best value from a holiday. It has breathtaking sceneries and delicious fish and lamb dishes on offer. The locals are nothing short of hospitable making the overall experience simply pleasant.

  • Dominican Republic 

Apart from having the best activities and events, it is also a destination that offers value for any cent spent. This is the land where surfing, sand and sun are in plenty not forgetting lots of historical attractions.

  • South Korea 

It is famed for the great outdoor activities that it has to offer. This is also a country that is full of lively events and it can best be described as a recreational destination. Fishing, hiking and golfing are some of the amazing activities that can be enjoyed from here.

  • Turkey 

The food and culture are some of the outstanding features of the country. Gaziantep is the place to feast on the fantastic food that the country has to offer. Some of the areas that must be explored are the old towns of Midvat and Mardin with the Abraham’s Path being the latest addition to the list of must visit places.

  • Madagascar 

With the political uncertainty and instability now gone, visitors now stand to be overwhelmed by breathtaking landscapes and fauna. This island is among the biggest in the world and it is the place to be for those looking for something extra ordinary. When travelling to any destination, it is important to adhere to the Ukba rules and regulations.



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