Book Review: Beautiful Tufi by Jan Hasselberg


Beautiful Tufi: Between the Past and the Future is a colorful narrative of the people, culture and natural exquisite beauty of Tufi, Papua New Guinea.

Part picture book, part storytelling, author Jan Hasselberg spent extensive time in Tufi experience life as it is. From the stunning sunrises to the  special occasions to everyday life, this little known culture is explored and photographed through kind eyes. “During my first stays at Tufi, I learned that the area has a very dramatic interesting history, and a great wealth of natural treasures”, Hasselberg says. “To experience a place where the natural environment is still a fundamental part everyone’s lives made a deep impression on me, and this is some of what I have tried to express in my book. Here I was also met with a great warmth and hospitality,which made it natural for me to go back and find out what more the area has to offer”.

An easy-to-read book, this is the perfect armchair vacation. Enjoy the vibrant pictures, intricate history and get to know Tufi.

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