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You’ve never experienced everything Germany has to offer until you’ve sat in the lap of luxury in beautiful Berlin, the country’s richly historic capital. Known as Germany’s largest city, there’s countless ways to indulge at any time of year.

The extravagance begins with your style of stay, and Berlin has no shortage of classically luxurious hotels to choose from. Some of the very best 5-star hotels include the Waldorf Astoria Berlin, Schlosshotel Im Grunewald and the Ritz-Carlton.

Built in 2012, the Waldorf Astoria Berlin is considered a stately and placid hotel that offers some of the most expansive views of the scenic urban environment. Perfectly situated in the city, a stay at the Waldorf ensures you’re close to virtually everything worth doing during your trip.

To experience the real definition of classic luxury, you’ll need to stay at the Schlosshotel Im Grunewald. Originally built as a residential palace for Dr. Walter von Pannwitz in 1912, this amazing hotel is considered the golden standard of elegance. Nested in the historic Friedrichstadt district of Berlin, this hotel offers close proximity to many remarkable theatres and museums.


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Finally, the Ritz-Carlton Berlin has some of the finest onsite amenities to create a truly unforgettable stay, much like its American counterpart. Sharing a pulse with the fast-moving city of Berlin, this hotel comes equipped with a characteristic dynamism – perfect for anyone constantly on the move still wanting the royal treatment during down periods.

While some of these locations offer fantastic dining options onsite, there are several upscale restaurants that can’t be missed during your time in Berlin. German cuisine is beautifully accented by its rich wine and art culture, a culture quality that makes for some preeminent getaways in the Berlin.

One of the most popular tourist destinations for high-end eateries is the Theodor Tucher, located near the densely populated conveyor belt near the Brandenburg Gate. Offering some authentically German cuisine, patrons can choose from herring, sautéed rabbit and currywurst sausage. As good as the cuisine looks, the interior is really something to behold – enormous windows that command the area view are framed by gold walls and pillars.

If you’re looking for a restaurant that’s a bit more animated without losing the high-end charm, look no further than the Nolas am Weinberg. Classified as a Swiss café, this quaint little eaterie offers some of the finest fondue in the city. The Nolas am Weinberg also includes an attractive terrace overlooking a grassy slope, perfect for the occasional sunny brunch or afternoon lunch.

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Author: This article was written by Tyler Thursby, a regular contributor to Vagabond Summer.








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