Travel: Dream Racing Introduces Ultra Exclusive Ferrari Club in Las Vegas

Ferrari F430 in Madrid, HDR
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Dream Racing, one of the very few places in the world where the general public can power a true Ferrari race car, has launched an elite ownership club.  This new superpower society is open to just ten individuals who desire access to an authentic racing experience along with the thrills of the high stakes city of Las Vegas.

Membership to The Club, which starts at $400,000, includes two years of racing and full ownership of a Ferrari F430 GT at the completion of the term.

Club members receive full car warranty including spare parts and labor for two years, insurance, complete car maintenance and vehicle storage. Custom gear, including fireproof racing suit, gloves and shoes, along with a painted helmet designate each elite club member.

Members have access to fifteen track days per year, with 130 dates to select from, and each race day includes a personal instructor and a pit crew for on-track assistance.  Upgrades, including shipment of car to other Speedways, road course exclusivity, telemetry technician and evaluation, additional track days and more are available at a supplementary cost, while discounts for Dream Racing experiences, tires and more are offered to members. A personal concierge can assist members during their Las Vegas visit.

The Ferrari F430 GT is race ready, so powerful it is not legal to drive on the street, and membership includes full customization including seat, number and name.  This incredible machine boasts a high performance V8 engine, F1 automatic clutch paddle shifts and 512 HP at 8500 RPM. The engine features upgrades you will not find on the road-going street legal Ferrari F430, including an optimized air intake, an enhanced exhaust system and a racing ECU, which combine to provide more power and faster response to the accelerator.

The vehicle comes with one set each of dry and wet 19” slick tires at purchase of membership.  The tires are built for performance rather than longevity; resulting in a superior grip ability over road tires.

The specially constructed larger brake rotors with combined six piston calipers and soft compound breaking pads make the brakes of the racing Ferrari F430 GT much more powerful and consistent for the heavy duty racing experience.

Aerodynamics are essential and the rear wing, rear diffuser and front splitter all combine to increase down force for faster speeds and more grip under high speed cornering and acceleration.

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