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Is it time for a beach vacation on the Florida coast, but you want to avoid the commercial theme parks and hard-partying spots? Well, Sanibel Island would be your ideal choice for a fun and relaxing time on the sand. Flying into Fort Myers and taking a 45 minute car ride down the Gulf of Mexico will put you in a pacific natural oasis for fishing, picnicking, and gathering beautiful shells in the cool ocean waters.

Staying on the waterfront will give you a serene view of natural tropical beauty and still keep you in touch with all the luxuries you’d hope for on a beach vacation. Whether your pleasure is walking and surveying the nature and wildlife, examining the life aquatic in one of the richest ecological spots on the planet, or just lounging in a beach chair and soaking up the Florida sun, you’ll find your peace and pleasure in Sanibel.

Trekking the Islands

In the beach town of Estero Island, you can enjoy a more youthful but still family-friednly environment of white sand beaches. Across the Sanibel Causeway bridge, you’ll be on Sanibel Island with it’s more upscale setting of restaurants, boutiques, and shell shops that accommodate every budget and taste.

Spend a couple days on nearby Captiva Island and enjoy its beaches and wildlife preserves. Whether you’re looking for a luxury or economy experience, you’ll be wrapped in a quiet and peaceful climate of sandy beaches and palm trees. Not a bad place for a book and to basque in peace and privacy.

The Animals of Sanibel

While on vacation, be sure to take in the magnificent wildlife of Sanibel, including alligators, storks and other birds, cattle, and wild pigs. J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge is the home of 220 native and migratory birds, wild alligators, and more. It’s also part of one the largest undeveloped ecosystems of the Mangrove, the only tree species that grows in salt water. Narrated tram tours are available for your enjoyment.

Crescent B Ranch is a 90,000 acre working ranch and home to wild turkeys, Florida cracker cattle, and semi-wild hogs that merrily chase after your tour part of the way. The swamp buggies for the tour also pass through gator territory, so keep your hands and feet in the buggies if you want to keep them. You can bite back in the snack bar with gator bites.

Love Your Lodgings

You can find hotels and resorts from luxury to modest on both Sanibel and Captiva, where they keep a more natural and non-commercial environment. Due to the nesting sites of endangered sea turtles, avoid the taped off dunes and cover your windows for “lights out” between May 1st and October 31st.

Right on the coast of Florida, you can enjoy white sand and cool waters for family fun and relaxation. Spend the day spotting dolphins and collect wonderful souvenirs for family and friends, so you can remember your trip to Sanibel.

Author: Tiffany Mercedes visits as often as possible. When not online researching or traveling, she likes to write articles for websites.



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  • SanibelSam November 5, 2013 8:16 pm

    There are no wildlife refuges on Captiva.

    A side benefit of the “Dark Skies” program that allow turtles to use the Moon to navigate, is that you can see a huge number if stars & planets on clear nights.


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