Book: A Million Steps by Kurt Koontz


If you feel like you need a mental escape or a great armchair read, pick up a copy of A Million Steps by author Kurt Koontz.

Combining travel, life and detailed accounts of his pilgramage, Koontz – an avid adventure traveler and author, wrote a book that chronicles his trip on the historic Camino de Santiago in Spain, a venture that benefited his mind, body and soul.

At the age of 48, Koontz set off on a month-long, nearly 500-mile pilgrimage that ended up changing his life on the 1,300 year-old route walked by thousands of people. Meeting people that crossed his path along the way, Koontz walks to find peace, solitude and answers to life questions. Not knowing where he was spending his nights or where his next meal was going to be was a bit of a challenge for the former executive, but Koontz learns to let go and let the path guide him.

While reading the novel, you feel as if you are walking right along with Koontz, taking in his experiences, feeling his emotions and finding bliss in the little things in life. A glance at the journey will give you a case of wanderlust, as well as respect for the traveler.

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