Travel: Top 5 Dubai Destinations For Some Unforgettable Moments

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Dubai is mistakenly famous for its shopping malls and tallest structures around the world, but in fact the city has much to offer its visitors. Its fabulous attractions and peaceful surrounding offers a comprehensive list of things to do. It is enclosed by deserts, sand hills and awesome waters.


This symbolic city with important historical value reminds viewers of ancient Dubai. The designs of the buildings are indicating the city’s culture. In the past, the city was popular for a huge wind system which covered the creek on either side. These were not merely attractive but provide as the only means of chilling homes in the era when there is no electricity in the city.

Ibn Battuta Mall

The Ibn Battuta mall, was created to enjoy one of Dubai’s top shopping locations. Located close to Sheikh Zayed Road between interchanges 5 and 6, the shopping mall brings together retail stores, dining places and family activities all within an exclusively designed atmosphere that is designed to indicate the unique mixture of various heritages and sophisticated way of life that is the very substance of Dubai.

Water Pleasure

In Dubai there is a lot to enjoy and get pleasure from. Similarly, the waters of the great city offer tremendous beauty and unlimited opportunities. For the sunny day trip you can hire a luxury yacht in dubai. The same cruise trip is also available at night for a darkly romantic journey.

Golf Courses

For sports lovers, Dubai is a great place to visit. The amazing structure and greenery all around  the golf courses in this desert city will surprise you. The green pathways with a backdrop of beautiful sand blocks add to the beauty and unique aspects of the golf courses.

Desert Safari

Driving on up and down sand hills is a different way to explore Dubai. It is a journey of pure happiness and pleasure, as well as a way to get familiar with an entirely different world. Desert safari, a popular entertainment with both citizens and guests is all about discovering the wadis after the summer months. Many spots in the vast desert offer moments of surprising beauty. The beauty of the night in the desert is a great way to experience serenity and stillness.

Would you like to get more from your Dubai trip?  If so, then book ahead to get some extra advantages in your visit. You can get on a Dubai yacht charter, enjoy fishing trips and even go for shopping in the biggest shopping malls of the city.  Everything has its own charm. To reach these Dubai Destinations for some unforgettable moments you can apply  for Dubai visa.


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