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Tokyo is no stranger to expensive things. In fact Japan’s capital is often rated as one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in. When it comes to travel, while it is possible to see the city on a budget, it never hurts to have some cash to splash around with. So what if money was no issue? Once you have secured your flights to Tokyo, here are four ways to live large in Tokyo.

Stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

Towering above Shinjuku is the Park Hyatt Tokyo, a five-star hotel where comfort and service spare no cost. Standard rooms at the hotel begin at $562 per night, but if money is no issue the ‘price on demand’ Presidential Suite is the ultimate in Tokyo luxury. Within the 290 square meter suite is a 50 inch plasma screen, marble bath, sauna, spa, library, grand piano and a private butler.  In addition to plush accommodation, the Park Hyatt’s facilities go above and beyond your average hotel. Amongst its highlights are the high-rise swimming pool, four on site restaurants, private library and fully equipped health and fitness centre.

Eat at Aragawa

If you don’t mind paying the price for the perfect piece of steak then you’re going to love Aragawa. It is here, in the most expensive restaurant in the world that you can expect to cough up a cool $400 for a piece of steak. Granted these fillets are Wagyu beef, coming from pampered Kobe cows that are fed sake and massaged regularly. The restaurant’s specialty is the steak with pepper and mustard. Simple, but sometimes the finer things in life are.

Shop at Ginza

As the world’s most expensive shopping strip, Ginza is where the city’s rich and well-off travellers flock to do their shopping. Along the clean and spacious street you will find an impressive range of large boutiques, from designer fashion like Prada and Giorgio Armani to electronics such as Apple and Bic Camera. But it’s not all Gucci and gadgets, Ginza also has a number of department stores and specialty stores such as the Ginza Hakuhinkan Toy Park, a family favourite.

Drink at the Ritz-Carlton

After a day of spending up big, toast to your own decadence with a ‘Diamonds are Forever’ martini at the Riz-Cartlon Tokyo.  Consisting of Grey Goose Vodka, fresh lime juice and a flawless one-carat diamond, the subtle yet sparkling cocktail will set you back about $20,712, making it the world’s most expensive cocktail. Cheers!



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